ARC Last Day

Our second 2 duty days were much quieter and we go on the line soon to do the final day and close the line at 0800 tomorrow. We only expect 3 boats over the 24 hours, so should have time to do some Christmas baking.

Dynamic Trio!

Last night’s Toga party on the beach at Pigeon Island was fun and the band was excellent. We had bought costumes so we didn’t feel we should enter the competition!

Steel Pan Band

There are over 40 children on the ARC this year, compared with 20 or so last year and they looked brilliant in their tiny toga outfits and attempting the limbo competition. Nearly everyone was dressed up and there must have been a lot of people sleeping without sheets on their beds last night!

Toga Party On The Beach

We saw Peregrine, another Haslar yacht, over the line and it was great to see Hannah safe and sound after some arduous days of squalls and nasty seas. Peregrine was built in 1936 and looked lovely coming over the line. We finally caught up with Hannah at the Toga Party, having been on the line overnight and then at anchor. She has had an amazing adventure.

Peregrine Arrives in St Lucia!

Clare, one of the ARC staff, brought Geoff and Ann out to Beyzano so we could all stand on the bow and have our team photo taken. It has been a good experience and feedback has been positive. The best comment was that the crews felt they were the first boat over the line rather than 200th plus and we are really pleased they felt that way. Especially at 3am in a squall!

There are still a couple of boats which won’t get here in time to see a yacht on the Finish Line but most of them had issues with their boats and either went back to Las Palmas or to the Cape Verdes before resuming the voyage.

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2 Responses to ARC Last Day

  1. Well done you two! good work.

    Will you be there when we get there in 2015?

    Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year.

    Steve & Helen

  2. Rhian says:

    Hi! Yes, we will probably still be here in 2015! Look forward to seeing you 🙂

    Have a great Christmas x

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