Almost Christmas!

Beyzano is back in the marina having completed the final day on the ARC Finish Line. We only brought in 3 boats but the last was at around 4am. This was ‘Diamonds Are Forever’, the boat crewed by GirlsForSail and they had lost their mainsail 1 day out from Las Palmas, their engine and means of power a day later and they had no navigation lights, frige or interior lighting for weeks. They were glad to be here! We played ‘Girls Just Want To Have Fun’ in anticipation of the celebrations on the dock.

Rob's Wicker Tree in Pride of Place!

This morning we were nearly hit again despite being on the mooring. A police boat came by towing another yacht and decided to let the lines to the yacht go quite close to us. A smaller rib was supposed to attach itself to the yacht to tow it into the marina but nobody seemed to notice that they were drifting into us. We yelled over and a mad panic ensued but they ended up within 20 feet of slamming into our side!

Being back in the marina means we can plug in even more Christmas lights and the boat is looking very festive now. Peter bought us some beautiful flowers to decorate the table and Rob’s wicker work class, for which he received a lot of teasing from the kids, gives us the stunning wicker tree!

Tropical Christmas Flowers

We visited the Burch Family on Rafiki, who have another 473, to compare notes. The children have coped so well with the more challenging weather they experienced on this year’s crossing. I’m glad we went last year as 3 weeks in oil-skins isn’t my idea of fun.

All Dressed Up - Bless Her!!

Tonight is the final prize giving and party before people head off for Christmas. Many have returned home already, family and friends have arrived for a Christmas in the sun and others are just staying in St Lucia as Christmas is just around the corner. I still haven’t wrapped any presents and have a food shop to do but things aren’t as manic here as back in the UK. There are no supermarket queues and they don’t open all night!

Stage Is Set!

Post Party Photo added. With Nyda, we went up on stage to much applause to collect our bottles of rum. People were still thanking us for their welcome, so it was a good way to end our ARC 2012 involvement.

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