Peaceful Anchorage

On our way north from Grenada we stopped at the anchorage on Ronde Island which has sparkling clear water and a reef providing interesting snorkelling.

Approaching Ronde Island

It has a reputation for being badly affected by swell but for the first couple of days it was fine. The third night was more uncomfortable, so we carried on to Tyrrel Bay on Carriacou yesterday.

Lovely Water!

Coming into Ronde Island can be daunting, as the rocks called ‘The Sisters’ look much closer to the island from a distance. Once you get nearer the passage is actually not particularly narrow but there are currents and confused waters off the headland. The best anchorage is in the N/NE corner and on first glance we saw what we thought were 3 fishing boats in the area. In fact it was pelicans, sitting on the boats and there was plenty of room to anchor.

Pelican's Day Roost

We swam, dinghied around to the small beaches and had a BBQ on evening on the boat. The new underwater camera got a first outing but a few more sessions will be needed until we master it. We were always joined by at least another 4 boats overnight in the bay, so it wasn’t completely deserted. It amazed us that half of the boats didn’t display any light at night, despite being on the outside of the anchorage!

Brain Coral - First Underwater Photo!

The sail to Tyrrel Bay was quick but the wind direction didn’t allow us to make the course we needed, so the engine was deployed for an hour to get us into the wind and safely into the bay. The water here is so clear you can anchor in sand and see the anchor digging in, great for peace of mind. The usual boat boys came over with offers of wine, mangrove oysters and taxi tours of the island but we have been here before and know the routine!

We took our rubbish ashore, as it is free to dump it in the bins along the roadside rather than paying 2.50 GBP a bag in Grenada and walked along the beach to the Slipway Restaurant, next to the boatyard. The lady there rang Ellie to get us some of her smoked marlin, well remembered from our last visit and we booked a table for tonight as they have a string quartet playing.

Yet another yacht from Haslar Marina was spied in Ronde Island and we made contact on the VHF, arranging to meet when we got to Carriacou, so last night the 5 of us had a meal ashore and talked about our sailing plans. We had never met in the UK.

Sun Rising Over Tyrrel Bay

Today the sun came up over the bay and it was peaceful and calm. Later we need to go to the laundry as they have hot water there, quite rare. There are several rum shops, fruit stalls, supermarkets and an ATM. Buses run regularly into Hillsborough where there is more choice. We hope to get to Windward to see how Alwyn’s boat has progressed since we saw her in June and find out when the launch is planned.

The wind is getting up and turning northerly after Friday so we are torn between staying here another week or leaving tomorrow. It is so lovely here we are keen to stay but we may end up with a tough trip to St Lucia.

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