Taste of Trinidad Tour

Yesterday we had a day off from treating the teak and spent 11 hours being driven around the north and east of the island on a tasting tour organised by Jesse James. 11 of us enjoyed the scenery and expert commentary and tasted 63 different local dishes, thankfully not in large quantities.

Typical Roadside Stall

We stopped at numerous food stalls located along the roadsides and started by sampling delights for breakfast such as chickpea doubles (flour pancakes with a spicy hot filling) and saltfish on bread. We continued with jerk chicken, portugals (like oranges), curried goat, pumpkin stew, fish casserole and sweets made with coconut and molasses. We picked grapefruit and ate them immediately. The difference in taste was obvious, much sweeter.

Queuing Up For The Famous Pigtail!

Along the way we visited a fruit stall, which sold things we had never seen before. A big surprise was the brazil nut, something I’ve eaten for years but didn’t realise they came inside a huge ball resembling a dusty rock! One tap and the circular top comes away revealing the nuts inside.

Source of Brazil Nuts

Outside many of the Hindu houses were numerous prayer flags in a variety of colours sending prayers to their Gods for different requests and support.

We drove right across Trinidad to the Atlantic coast and stopped for lunch on the beach. Nearby we cooled down with some fresh watermelon at a tiny stall where the vendor was happily lazing in a hammock overlooking the ocean. Not a bad place to work.

Fresh Produce Along The Roadside

It was good to get into the countryside and see how the villagers live, as in the Port of Spain area it is westernized and remote from the old lifestyle. Jesse told us that he ate his food with his fingers and a spoon, only using a knife and fork when he started dating his wife, as they came from different cultures.

Difference Between Treated, Wet and Grey Teak

Today we are continuing with cleaning and sealing the teak and hope to complete the second coat of sealer. Although it seems we have the entire day to work, in reality it is too hot after about 1000 and before 1600 to do much other than get heatstroke. Then there are the interruptions for sudden rain showers with accompanying thunder and lightning. I sometimes think it would be better to leave the teak grey like most of the other boats but it looks so much newer when treated, making the boat seem years younger than she is.

Items From One Stern Cabin - Our Storeroom!

The genoa is back on and the main needs to go up today so we can fit the second sun awning. We hope our frame is being fitted later on today as well, so it is a busy time. We have some slack in the schedule as polishing the stainless steel can wait until we are at anchor but fitting the solar panels and connecting everything up so it the system works is quite a big job. We hope to be back in the water in just 2 week’s time with everything in place, hoping!

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4 Responses to Taste of Trinidad Tour

  1. Hey guys, that looks a familiar sight, our saloon is in the same state of disarray. As ours came out of the water last Thursday, i have to do the same to get the new calorifier & eberspacer fitted. Difference is, its 14 degs here not 30degs where you are!

    So whereas you don’t want to go out in the sun, i don’t want to go out in the rain!


  2. Peter & Laura says:

    Hi Rhian & Rob,
    Nice to hear you are both well and safely back onboard Beyzano and quitely giving your teak deck some TLC, what a lovely tour, it sounded great sampling some delights of Trinidad food and seeing new things, one of the benefits of the cruising life I think!
    It looks a bit chaotic down below onboard, are you staying somewhere else whilst bringing beyzano back into service? I imagine its a little Hot! below decks, good luck with the re-launch and I look forward to hearing about some new travels in the months ahead,


  3. Rhian says:

    Good to hear from you. We are bravely staying on the boat which helped us focus on sorting the interior out straight away! We also thought that if we rented one of the air-conditioned apartments, not a lot of work would get done on the boat 🙂 The A/C unit we rented for Beyzano really helps though.

  4. Rhian says:

    Hi – all the best with your haul out too. Can you let us know how fitting the calorifier went please, as we may well have to replace ours one day and it is hemmed in with huge batteries etc., so not a happy prospect.

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