Powerboats Yard

Beyzano’s home for the last 3 months has been ashore at Powerboats in Chaguaramas, NW Trinidad.

View Down To Lifting Bay

The yard is a great place to stay, friendly and with everything you need for working on or staying on the boat. Other yards do not allow you to do some of the work yourself or forbid work on steel boats but Powerboats seem happy to let you do anything! There are free cold showers but you can buy a token very cheaply if you need hot water and we don’t often need to warm up. The laundry takes tokens and they cost 1.50 GBP.

Boat Shrink Wrapped

They have covered workshops, a long list of approved contractors but also allow all other workmen on site and will lend you forklifts and help out in any way they can. The manager, Brent, is excellent and we would recommend having a meeting with him when you arrive, if you need any work done.

Area To Keep Rain Off!

The yard is large, with a couple of restaurants, air-conditioned cottages for rent, a well stocked grocery, which is open 7 days a week, a dockside bar and fuel dock. Security buggies run around the site 24 hours a day and we didn’t have any issues with items being stolen.

Dockside Grocery

If you want to stay in the water, there are 3 docks to choose from but C dock is the most sheltered, the others facing the bay and getting a lot of wash from local boats speeding past. If the wind turns to the SW then the whole anchorage and docks can become untenable.

Dinghy Dock & A Dock

The anchorage also suffers from wake produced by these boats but not many anchorages have an oil rig as a neighbour.

Oil Rig Middle Distance

If you are leaving your boat long term, the yard can set up plastic poles over which to shrink-wrap your boat. Some are just left out in the open and many look very neglected, needing a huge amount of work to restore them. It is always a sad sight to see unloved boats.

Hopefully Someone Will Love Her Again Soon!

Contractors here can handle any job to a high standard. Many of them are located in the big blue contractor’s building just next to the office and the chandlery is also in there. It makes it a quick walk to find everyone and everything you need for the boat.

Contractor's Building On Site

They spray paint the boats out in the open, putting up a few tarpaulins to protect surrounding boats and spraying coat after coat in the hot sun. The results are certainly good, despite the conditions.

Hand Sprayed Primer

First thing in the morning is a lovely time, cool and quiet except for pairs of parrots heading off for the day. Later on the place is a hive of activity with owners and contractors getting the boats ready for the next season. We have been very comfortable and happy at Powerboats and would definitely return. The only daunting part is reversing into their tiny lifting bay. Peake’s Yard has a much bigger bay, so that is another option but their yard doesn’t have that same homely feel as Powerboats.

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2 Responses to Powerboats Yard

  1. Jan Kloppers says:

    Hai Rob,

    How are you doing???
    I’m very interested hearing from you.

    Kind regards


  2. Rhian says:

    Hi Jan, Great to hear from you and hope you are still working alongside Belron and giving Jo a hard time 🙂

    We are having a great time, cruising up and down the Caribbean, having lots of adventures and learning about other cultures and their values. Lovely sunshine and no work, although you could say no paid work! We have been 8 weeks working on the boat in Trinidad, in temperatures around 35 degrees, so very tiring but worthwhile as we launch again very soon and can spend more time enjoying the area.

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