Noisy Parrots & High Temperatures

From the title you can probably tell we are back in Trinidad and glad to say that all is well with Beyzano. Not a trace of mildew, insects or damage but she had been moved within the yard and our bright yellow primer was a great aid to locating her!

We had an exceptionally busy time in the UK, without a single free day in the end and just hours before leaving I was sat in the bank in Newbury opening a trust account for my niece, only to find the solicitor hadn’t certified the trust deed and will! This should be sorted out in my absence though. Apart from that little hiccup everything else we needed to attend to was completed and we also met up with lots of wonderful people.

The BA flight was on time and as most of the passengers disembarked in St Lucia, the immigration queue In Port of Spain was short. We then had to visit the special customs office at the airport, as we had the dreaded ‘Boat Parts for Yacht in Transit’. The stories and our fears were unfounded and a pleasant officer checked our holdall against the itemised list and stamped the paperwork without any issues. It certainly pays to abide by their rules with the correct lists, invoices and labelling, as once his life was made easier, so was mine. He was also so interested in the boat parts that the Christmas cake, pudding and other food items weren’t even checked.

The ‘members only’ taxi driver this time was Mike and he welcomed us back with warmth, as did the weather! It is scorching and even the yard workmen shelter under the boats most of the day. We had to go to the customs office in Crew’s Inn before going back to the boat but again there was no queue and everything was in order, so we made ‘record time’ according to Mike. He also told us that their local hero, Brian Lara, was on our flight.

All that was left was to find the boat, heave the 7 bags up the ladder and open her up. The temperature inside was very high and it took a while to cool down but we had been on our travels for nearly 20 hours so just crashed out where we could find a space. The entire boat was turned upside down when we left last month, to air the lockers and mattresses, so there was no chance of sleeping in the cabins.

The inside is now back to normal, except even cleaner than usual. The laundry wash is only 1.50 GBP, so I’ve been washing everything I can. Our sun awnings are made and should be fitted shortly and our solar panels, regulator and blocks for the dinghy davits have arrived from Miami. The only piece of the jigsaw missing is the stainless steel arch for the stern but it isn’t due until next week. Might be tempting fate but our launch date of 31 October still looks achievable.

The parrots still squawk past at sunrise, go somewhere for the day and squawk back again at sunset. No idea where they go but they are the noisiest birds I’ve ever come across, even a solitary one makes a huge racket.

There are a lot more people on their boats now, getting them ready for the next season. We have to paint the hull, polish the topsides and clean and treat the teak. The Taste of Trinidad tour is next Monday and we are taking the bus trip to the big supermarket each Friday to start restocking the boat. A huge list and bulk buying will just lead to the ‘where did I put that’ problem but as food is far cheaper here, it pays to stock up with as much as Beyzano will carry. We keep savoury items one side of the boat with the sweet goods the other, so at least we only need to search through 1 locker at a time.

Next season is pretty much planned already as we need to be in St Lucia for all of December for the ARC Finish Line duty and friends joining us for Christmas, then in Grenada for mid March followed by 3 further trips to St Lucia to drop off and collect friends, the last going home at the end of May. That will be the start of hurricane season again and we will heading south as we have more friends joining us in Grenada in November 2013. January and February are currently free and we hope to explore some of the islands and anchorages we missed last season, unless anyone wants to join us elsewhere 🙂

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