Peaceful Mount Hartman Bay

We have been in Mount Hartman Bay for a week now and are enjoying the calm conditions within this hurricane hole.

The depth into some of the mangroves is over 2 metres, so we would be able to tie up easily if there is a warning issued. Many of the moored boats are empty but we have seen a local man checking them regularly, opening up the hatches and spending some time on each. It was especially impressive to see him out in the squall checking their moorings.

Sometimes the wind drops completely and the currents take over instead. Then it is interesting to see how the boats move around, often in opposite directions to their neighbours.

Any Direction Will Do!

The 2 nights spent in the virtually empty marina enabled us to completely charge up the batteries and get all the water tanks re-filled. The stern 2 tanks had to be used up first to get rid of the old water but it is good to refresh them periodically. We whizzed over the reef to the next bay, Clarke’s Court and checked their marina but again it was almost empty. With the new Camper & Nicholson marina at Port Louis, the charter companies have moved out and many people prefer the swanky facilities. The peaceful surroundings at the smaller marinas and cheaper prices seem like a huge draw for us but obviously many people prefer the city marina. It is a shame for the established ones though, who must be struggling now.

Rare Sight - Beyzano in a Marina!

Clarke’s Court Bay was much less sheltered than Mount Hartman, so we are staying put here for another week! We had our Danish friends over for an afternoon and cooked outside on the Cobb BBQ with a break for some swimming and games.

The cruiser’s net continues to be a great source of information and the cookery class was excellent. Rob is joining me at tomorrow’s class but we will walk over to Prickly Bay for lunch beforehand.

Our personal shopping trip on Friday only cost us 30 EC with Shademan instead of the 80 quoted by another taxi driver. We needed to be sure we could get back quickly to get the freezer stocked up before it all melted. We went to the huge supermarket in Spiceland Mall and saw items we will no longer need to bring back from the UK. Waitrose supplies some food too but you can even get fresh milk there! The following day we went on a scheduled weekly trip to the produce market in St George’s, which was busy and very entertaining. Watching Rob bartering for his food was an experience! The trip lasted 3.5 hours by the time we had made impromptu stops at the chandlery, Doctors and superb bakery but only cost us 2.50 GBP each. We all ate warm Chelsea buns and pasties in the taxi/bus!

Rob Getting Beaten by the Girls!

Today is US Independence day and the nearby marina is holding a big BBQ to celebrate. There are lots of American and Canadian sailors here, so it should be a good evening. We are currently in the Secret Harbour marina bar, watching Andy Murray playing at Wimbledon whilst we do our internet admin. We have the Grand Prix to watch on Sunday but an early start for us and a bit of a walk to the next bay! The locals are very proud of Lewis Hamilton, as his dad comes from Grenada, so they will be joining Rob in hoping he wins 🙂

I have started updating the Best Equipment Page under the Cruising Information Section as we have found some items are just not up to their claim of being suitable for the marine environment.

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