Nasty Things!

A cockroach the size of a mouse paid us a visit this weekend but only made it as far as the dinghy. I was about to move our ‘little car’ before we went into the marina and saw the monster roach walking along the strap which secures the dinghy to the stern on its way to our boat. I called Rob to see it but he was less impressed than me, so I threw it overboard. Haven’t seen any others but it was a wake up call.

Beyzano Anchored in Clarke's Court Bay

The other nasty we saw this weekend was a big, ugly eel with sharp ‘teeth’, which a local caught on our pontoon. We helped him land it as it was a bit of a struggle and it reminded me that swimming in clear water rather than Clarke’s Court Bay is preferable. The water here is distinctly brown and some of our anti-fouling has picked up the colour but it comes off easily.

Whisper Cove Marina

We walked into Woburn, the local ‘town’ and found a great viewpoint overlooking Beyzano in the bay. The small marina of Whisper Cove looks very calm from the hillside, sheltered by a disused ferry. The berths are stern or bows into the dock with buoys to pick up but there is a reef to the northern side and not a lot of room to manoeuvre. Clarke’s Court has more space and nice bathrooms but as is common here, no hot water. It is very hot and humid and as soon as you get dry after a shower, you feel like you need another!

A rum shack called ‘Nimrod’s’ is on the main road and famous for the roti they do on Tuesday and Thursday for lunch. People frequent the bars from early in the day right through to closing time but you never hear of any problems. The rum punches are certainly strong enough!

Cruiser's Village at Hog Island

On Friday we attended a concert by Donnell Best who is the young man going to Berkeley in the autumn on a music scholarship. The cruisers are supporting him through the first year before the scholarship starts and the bar was full. It was a good evening and the taxi driver donated his services for free, so we just gave the fare to Donnell.

Donnell Best Playing Abba on the Electric Violin

Just a comment: long ago, Rob was keen to buy a steel boat but we are now glad we didn’t. Other sailors here, with steel boats, complain about them rusting from the inside and outside and needing a huge amount of maintenance.

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