Life In Grenada

Life continues happily in Grenada and we are still anchored in Mount Hartman Bay in 85 degrees and sunshine most of the time. Turtles swim by, their arrival on the surface announced by a big gasp (do they leave it very late to come up for breath?) but the water isn’t clear enough to see the bottom, even in the 2 metres depth we have under our keel.

Mount Hartman Bay from Secret Harbour Marina

There are those who have been here for years but we still feel restless if we remain in the same location for too long. In Grenada, with the active cruiser’s net and social life, the boat just becomes a floating home in a floating village!

Local Cuisine at Cookery Class

I have been to several cookery classes in True Blue Bay resort, encouraging me to make callalou simmered in coconut milk as a side dish one evening. It is a local vegetable similar to spinach but tastes a lot better! The shopping trips are another must, enabling us to get to the huge supermarket or fresh produce market and stock up easily.

On the first Friday in the month, there is a free concert in the National Museum and buses were arranged from all the bays for the usual 2.50 GBP each return. The evening was a great success, with a mix of local musicians and cruisers providing jazz music. Peter, on ‘Jamboree’, is a professional saxophonist and played with the MC on alto sax, a drummer, lead and bass guitarists and a trumpet player. Two young poets recited their work and a young man just off to University in the USA to study music, played the violin and sang. We hope to be here for the early November concert but will sadly miss Carnival next month.

On Sunday there was a boat jumble in our bay but we had already taken the 0730 bus (saving a very long walk) to De Big Fish bar in Prickly Bay to watch the Grand Prix, have a full English breakfast and then watch Andy Murray in the Wimbledon Finals. I cried at the end of course, as he was! We had lunch in De Big Fish one day and saw a group of children at the Coastguard Station, obviously on a school visit. They were treated to a motor in the Coastguard cutter and were all very well behaved, immaculately dressed with brilliant white shirts, as on all the Caribbean islands. They are in the photo walking along the pontoon but probably too small to see!

Coastguard Vessel at Prickly Bay

Another evening we met our friends on ‘Good Golly, Miss Molly’ and had a pizza at Prickly Bay Marina. It was very good and on Mondays it is half price pizza night. Typically we were there on a Saturday! Our own marina here is still very quiet but the Wi-Fi in the bar is good and they don’t even bother to ask you to buy a drink. In fact we get the feeling the staff have almost disengaged, seeing how quiet it is and that is a real shame. They are very helpful if you ask but there is never an announcement on the radio net, even when they are showing sporting events and nothing extra planned. The laundry wash for 2.50 GBP is good value but you have to pay to dump rubbish if you are in the bay.

Rob's Shiny New BBQ!

Although our Cobb BBQ/Oven has been good for the 2 of us, Rob decided we needed a bigger grill as we usually have friends over, so we invested in a Magma stainless steel party size BBQ, which was around 150 GBP and should last for years. He was very excited – hence the photo! If you take your boat papers and clearance documents to the chandleries the first time you purchase from them, the goods are duty free.

We don’t buy much for the boat these days, having bought most of what was needed before we left the UK but the bigger outboard and 25 litre petrol tank were definitely required, as we use the dinghy all the time.

If the weather is favourable, we will move east at the weekend, to explore the final few bays before ending our stay in Grenada in St David’s. We need to check on a friend’s boat for them there, clear out and make the overnight passage to Trinidad. Unless we get the urge to go to Tobago first!

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  1. Peter & Laura says:

    Hi Happy cruising couple,
    Sorry to here about the loss of your freind, you certainly have had your fair share of bereavement in the past year, lets hope that’s it for now. Grenada looks great and the social side of being there sounds really nice with all that live music, must be very relaxing and enjoyable,do you have to pay for the cookery classes? that sounds excellent learning how to prepare local dishes and really expands your culinary repertoir, what’s on the menu tonight? Have a safe passage to Trinidad, keep well.

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