Clarke’s Court Bay

Finally, we have moved! We only motored around to the next bay, Clarke’s Court but at least the scenery is new and there are places to explore. Mind you, there was still a lot of walking to be done in Mount Hartman along a variety of trails but we were too hot and lazy! We didn’t attend the yoga classes but may do a bit more in November.

Clarke's Court Marina

The anchor had decided we were never moving again and needed us to motor over it to suck it out of the mud but it gave up on the first attempt. Good to know how strongly dug in we were.

Lightship Top Deck at Phare Bleu Marina

It was rough outside the reef and we motored into wind and waves at 3000 rpm making 4 knots over the ground. It was less than 4 miles and the navigational markers are correct, bringing you in between the reefs. The bay is huge, with 2 small marinas, some mooring buoys and plenty of space to anchor. There are 2 shallow patches to avoid but they are marked on the charts. Again the anchor dug in straight away in what we guess is more sticky mud. The water isn’t clear enough to see.

Two Welsh Flags!

The ‘town’ of Woburn is in the NE corner and a bar took our eye as it has 2 welsh flags outside. We anchored opposite Clarke’s Court Marina, which is located in lovely grounds on the NW side. They have a variety of themed food evenings, cricket matches, huge book swop and nice clubhouse. You have to pay for Wi-Fi even if you are a customer but they can arrange laundry and gas bottle refilling. We saw a pillar with boat cards stapled all over it and found a faded one belonging to our friends Larry and Fiona who were here a few years ago and who also crewed on ‘Salila’, a boat we know well!

Rob on The Top Deck

The next day we took the dinghy to check out the other marina, which was very small but friendly and showed us their launderette. You can dump rubbish, use Wi-Fi for free and their bar has a beautiful location overlooking the bay. They also have a butcher’s selling a huge range of local meat, fresh or frozen and vacuum packed in any quantity. When we return after haul out, this will be a good place to re-stock the freezer. They also sell fish, fresh baked bread, drinks and other essentials in their ‘Little Store’.

Phare Bleu Marina

Further around and very carefully over the shallow reef, which you can walk over at low tide, we motored into Phare Bleu Bay. This has an amazing marina with a lovely converted lightship, our main reason for visiting. Although we are used to our Haslar Lightship being green, this one is red and I’m sad to say, much nicer inside and out. Can’t imagine the staff are nicer though!

Pool Bar at Phare Bleu

They have a top deck with teak furniture, a museum and showers on the mid-deck and a bar and restaurant. The lovely bay and climate help too. The marina itself takes larger boats than most and berth-holders can use the resort facilities such as the pool.

Peaceful Relaxation!

The hammock out on a floating pontoon looked inviting and you can also use their Hobie Cats. Even at the most expensive daily rate, it costs less than 60 British pence per foot and if you stay for a month the rate drops to less than 30 pence.

The 'Other' Lightship

We also found several good marine companies, including The Canvas Shop where we will get a quote for a sun awning for our foredeck, which will also double up as a water catcher, with a hose going into our front water tank. It will enable us to leave the 3 large deck hatches in our forecabin open when it is raining and protect the hatches from crazing in the sun. One has a split in it and needs to be replaced, so we will do a couple at a time, as they are so expensive. It was one of the jobs we intending doing 4 years ago when we bought Beyzano but other more important priorities took our cash instead. Rob thinks he can fit them himself and they will still be watertight. Hope so! Another reason for only doing a couple at a time ☺

Lightship Museum and Lounge

It is burger night at Clarke’s Court later, costing less than 5 GBP for a burger or veggie burger and chips. Last night it was film night where ‘Anger Management’ was shown. Tomorrow Rob is taking our fishing reel to the menders whilst I am in cookery class in True Blue Bay Resort, Friday we are going to a violin concert in Mount Hartman to support the violinist’s Berkeley University fees and on Saturday ‘De Big Fish’ is hosting a well known local guitar player, called Barracuda. Saturday morning we are on the shopping bus to the bank, bakery and market but Rob thinks the bakery and marina bar in Port Louis would be enough! Sunday we will be watching the Grand Prix in Clarke’s Court bar and in the afternoon there is a choice of the jam session in Whisper Cove Marina or the BBQ on Hog Island. Its all go here!

Side Decks and Lounger

Having said in an earlier post, that Secret Harbour Marina in Mount Hartman seemed to be in decline, they got a new chef last week and I persuaded the staff that it would be a good idea to advertise on the Cruisers Net. All their competitors do! Today they did mention their new chef, Friday’s concert and happy hour, so we hope they get some support and things look up.

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