Tyrrel Bay – Carriacou

Now we have reached a known ‘hurricane hole’ life has changed and the liveaboard community is great to be a part of. We arrived a couple of days ago but have already met many long term cruisers.

Tyrrel Bay Anchorage at Dusk

There are a few mooring buoys in the bay, so we took 1 for the first night as we usually do. Simon is a vendor who is mentioned in Doyle’s Cruising Guide and he was very helpful and the mooring was securely fixed to a huge concrete block. Just as well in the gusts. He also sells mangrove oysters, bananas and wine. A lady came by with frozen smoked marlin and another offered bread.

Huge Inner Mangrove Basin

In Porto Santo, back in October, we met a lovely danish family with 3 young children and caught up with them again in Gran Canaria. When we anchored yesterday, we realised we were next to them again, so spent a few hours talking about the Atlantic crossing and life afloat. Good to see them again. Their duogen has a broken tooth near the blades, so we can give them our spare to fix it and they will replace it when we all get to Trinidad.

We were approached by a charter boat captain, who has a classic boat built in the bay. He came alongside with the words, ‘I can see you are cruisers’, so we have arrived, part of the worldwide cruisers family 🙂 A beer later and we are now getting up early-ish tomorrow to join a race with no rules, crewing on his boat for a quick dash around a couple of rocks outside the bay before throwing Rob overboard as near the bar as possible. The first to be sat on a bar stool is the winner!

Pondering Being Here in a Hurricane!

Now we are in hurricane season we went into the mangrove basin to check out a spot to take Beyzano if the worst happens. There was a boat still afloat there but another looking rather sad, including a very outside toilet.

One Still Afloat!

The basin is huge and there is an inner and outer area, the inner only accessible by boats of less than 1.5m draught. So we would need to be in the outer one, where our new friend’s boat survived the last hurricane. The entire shoreline is bordered with mangroves with strong trunks and there was ample room for hundreds of boats. Good to have seen it and have a plan.

Excellent Shelter In Mangroves

We were intending to explore ashore, having only been to the Lazy Turtle for a meal but Simon wanted to buy our old outboard and we didn’t get to see the Yacht Club. Instead we met up with Peter and his wife Sylvie for a drink in the Slipway Restaurant and then on to Lambi Queen to listen to a steel band with our danish friends. A tiny little girl of less than 2 was fascinated with my blonde hair and kept holding a torch up to it. She then tried the same on Rob’s hair but it was a bit difficult being so short. Her dancing was amazing too, brilliant rhythm already.

So today we have free WiFi on board, run by local shops and the Yacht Club in aid of children’s charities, so we need to go over this morning to make a donation before finding the fruit lady and some bread. Snorkelling and ‘liming’ follow this afternoon to keep cool before drinks with Peter and Sylvie. Its all go!

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