Race To Grenada

As ‘Moana’ was also leaving for Grenada on Friday, Rob and Kim decided a friendly race was in order so we set off at 0800 for the 30 mile trip. The day before they agreed to keep a reef in but once ‘Moana’ hoisted their mainsail we could see they had taken theirs out, so we obviously had to do the same.

Moana Alongside

Ours got stuck though, so we took a few minutes sorting that out and were behind them from the start. It was a perfect sailing day, sunny, very little swell and the F4 was on the beam. The only issue was to skirt around the underwater volcano exclusion zone and try to catch fish. We managed the zone but didn’t catch anything.

We stayed behind them until Grenada where lighter winds behind the island helped Rob steadily gain ground until we passed them with just a couple of miles to go to the capital St George’s. At that point they started their engine and shouted their congratulations as they motored past us! We tried to start ours too but it wouldn’t kick into life. Our starter battery was dead! Fortunately we have a ‘Captain’s Key’, which enables us to switch to the domestic batteries in an emergency and the engine started. Not a big issue here as the anchorage is large and we could anchor under sail.

Just About to Win!

The anchorage is within an area close to the southern headland but the beach is off limits for yachts. There were a few mooring buoys but we anchored and for only the first or perhaps second time, the anchor wouldn’t hold in the rock and thin sand. We moved to another spot and tried again. We still weren’t overly happy, as the chain didn’t rise when I tugged on it and Rob snorkelled to check it. I went astern hard again as he watched the anchor digging in a little more. We have become used to the entire anchor and shaft disappearing completely into sand, so to be able to see half of it was unsettling. As we weren’t leaving the boat that day we could keep an eye on it and it held in some gusts, so we stayed put. Our neighbour’s anchors were the same.

Sun Setting Over St George's Anchorage

Our friends from ‘Moana’ came over with our sundowners later, our prize for winning the race. Another lovely evening watching the sunset and in good company.

We will be in Grenada for about 6 weeks and are looking forward to exploring the island. It looks beautiful with lush vegetation, hills and well-maintained buildings. The waterfront at St George’s is especially pretty and the Port Louis Marina is very posh! It is twice the price of Rodney Bay but the facilities are first class.

Grenada Yacht Club

Across the lagoon is the Grenada Yacht Club, another perfectly located bar overlooking the boats. We had a celebratory drink there last night to toast ‘Beyzano’ for completing 1 year on her travels and thanked her for keeping us so safe and comfortable! The Yacht Club has a few berths available, stern to the dock with a hoop to pick up for the bow lines. Hope it isn’t windy!

Yacht Club Bar

We used the dinghy dock opposite Island Water World, where it was like Christmas with all the boat items on the shelves. They didn’t have the battery we needed but a more expensive one will be available this week. The other main chandlery is Budget Marine, in Prickly Bay, so we can sail there to pick one up if they have the right battery in stock. Rob bought a new LED strip light to replace the fluorescent tube one we have in the galley, to save on power. He will fit the old one in the engine compartment.

Port Louis Marina

Our other stop in the lagoon was ‘Foodland’, a huge supermarket with its own dinghy dock. Our faces would have said it all, they had an amazing range of goods and I found everything I needed, including the elusive anti-bacterial soap pump for the galley! They even had a stand dedicated to Cadbury’s Chocolate and somehow a bar of Whole Nut made its way into the trolley.

They have someone to pack your bags and take them to the dinghy dock to hand them over to you once you are in the dinghy. Makes buying heavy goods very easy. Prices are higher than the other islands since St Lucia but it is worth paying to have a bit more choice and variety in our menu, not that I’m unhappy living on avocado and mango, 2 of my favourite foods. The deli had delicious vegetable samosas, something we haven’t eaten in a year.

We listened to the Grenada Cruiser’s Radio Net at 0730 and it was very useful. Safety, security, weather, social events, local businesses and items for sale were all included and the Net Controller was very professional. We introduced ourselves as new arrivals and hope to join some of the concerts and trips. There is a lot to see in Grenada.

Once again I am constantly saying, ‘I love it here’ and Rob replied, ‘you say that everywhere we go!’ He is right, I do ☺

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