Mayreau & Union Island

A couple of short sails and we have been at anchor for the past 3 days in Saline Bay on Mayreau, a beautiful anchorage with a long sandy beach.

Saline Bay, Mayreau

There were a few mooring buoys but we took the opportunity to anchor, being the first boat there. We were joined by another liveaboard later on but there was a lot of room and you could easily see the sand into which we dropped the trusty spade. Just after we arrived a huge squall blew up, the worst we’d experienced and it went on for well over an hour. The sea went flat, just highlighted with tiny white streams blown across it. The anchor held firm though!

A couple of boat boys came by holding up large fish and another to take the next morning’s order of baguettes and banana bread, which duly arrived by 0800. We swam to the beach and snorkelled around the reef on the southern side of the bay and saw lots of fish, plus numerous inquisitive squid.

The following day we walked up the short but steep road to the village and went to the summit to see the view. The heavens then opened, so we ran down to Dennis’s Hideaway, a brilliant bar, restaurant and hotel. He has lived in the UK and his school friend, Ken, was visiting home from the UK too and they were good company, telling us lots of stories. After a very potent rum punch, we had a delicious meal of local fish, chicken, baked potatoes, garlic toast and spiced rice, all for about 13 GBP.

Dennis's Hideaway Bar - with Welsh Flag!

We asked about the small boat which ferried children each morning, to Union Island. They are going to school and when we asked about what happened in bad weather they just laughed and said during hurricanes the children just swim across the strait!

Whilst we had switched on the mooring light at the top of the mast in case we got waylaid, we hadn’t remembered to bring a torch to see the combination lock and were completely unable to unlock the dinghy when we got back to it. So, we borrowed a candle and a few matches and the two of us knelt on the dock, desperately trying to keep the wind off the candle! Finally we managed to light it long enough to spell out our code and we motored back to the boat. Plan B would have been to walk along the beach, swim out to the boat and get a torch in a dry sack!!

A local vendor carefully hung out t-shirts and sarongs each morning on a long line between trees, just in time for the party catamaran to arrive, disgorge the day trippers for an hour’s snorkelling and wander along the beach. Sadly, we didn’t see any of the visitors buy anything and as soon as they left the lady would pack everything away again and carry the huge bag on her head, back up the steep hill home.

Chatham Bay, Union Island

This morning we took an hour to sail to Union Island, our last in the St Vincent and Grenadines chain, the next being part of Grenada. Chatham Bay is huge but quite gusty so we checked the anchor on arrival and then a few hours later before heading to the beautifully built restaurant in the south of the beach. They have a long dock which has enough water for a yacht to come alongside and take on free water. Assume you need to eat at their restaurant to get free water but the menu was very good.

Purpose Built Dinghy Dock

There are several other bars in the north which do evening BBQs too and several dinghies came out to the boat to leave their menus. In the high season they can get 65 boats in the bay but today there are 9 so far.

Beach Bars at Chatham Bay

Quick catch up on the emails but nothing admin to do, fortunately. The american couple we met in Canouan just arrived as well, working their way to Grenada before heading home. Another boat in the bay we saw in Bequia too, you soon get to know the liveboards.

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  1. Jo van Beek says:

    Hi guys,
    I was just reading the last few stories that you have put on your website. I don’t read them every week, but ever now and then catch up.
    When I look out of the window here in my office (Rob, do you still remember it?) I see rain pouring down. And then when I look at your beautiful pictures again I envy you.
    I’m happy to read everything is still great with the two of you. I guess you had some tough last couple of months with your dad passing away, but I read that he was in peace with it, having had a very good life.
    So enjoy your adventures in these beautiful places you visit, while I’m the one working very hard for number of years still :-).
    Take care,

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