Almost One Year On

Sadly we will be leaving Tyrrel Bay tomorrow morning having had 2 wonderful weeks here.

The socialising continued with many sundowners and hours with fellow sailors on board our boats. Kim from ‘Moana’ kindly scraped the barnacles off our hull over the past 2 days whilst I swam with the 3 children. Another evening they made us several danish dishes to sample and Frida and Lone did well to find ingredients locally to make them authentic. Afterwards we went back to Beyzano for a movie night, with homemade popcorn and cinnamon sugar.

Emil, Frida and Pelle

This Saturday, 23 June, is the first anniversary of leaving our home marina, Haslar, in Gosport, UK. So much has happened in just 1 year, both amazing and sad times. I asked Rob to name 5 things he missed and apart from friends and family, he could only manage 1 thing; the variety of food on offer in UK supermarkets! We have become used to not being able to buy fresh milk but on other days there are no onions, cucumbers, tomatoes or lettuce. Vegetables are in short supply in the Grenadines, even when the ferry arrives from Grenada, as it did last night but we understand Grenada has a much wider variety of food and a chocolate factory as well.

Prices also vary wildly, with Carriacou being quite cheap for most things. I tend to visit several small supermarkets on one trip, as you can get most of what you need, a little in each one. I also start looking well ahead of needing an item, such as a pump soap for the galley. I have been in almost 10 stores here and only found bar soap, whereas in Bequia there were several makes of pump soap. Not a big deal, but something you need to plan for. The laundry was cheaper here than anywhere else, in ‘My Beautiful Launderette’ which is next to the supermarket. 2 large loads cost us 70 EC$ to be washed, dried and folded.

And a Second Later!

Today we are preparing the boat for our sail tomorrow, the longest for over a month but still only 30 miles. En route we need to avoid an underwater volcano called ‘Kick ‘Em Jenny’ and will check the website to see if it is active at the moment. If it is, we have to go 5kms off, if not, we can sail within 1.5kms. The outboard needs to be hoisted back onboard this afternoon so we can clean the bottom of the dinghy. The kayak is also a bit green underneath, so will be scrubbed before tying to the foredeck. The log needs to be cleaned as if we are anchored for more than a couple of days, weed clogs it up and we don’t get a log reading. A few items inside to put away and we are ready to go. Moana are sailing with us, so we can chat to them on the radio as we travel.

When we get to St George’s we will spend 2 nights in a marina!! The batteries need a good topping up, as they aren’t holding their charge as long as before and shore power will give them a boost. It will also be helpful when we get the new Duogen bearing so we can use that again. It has been so windy and a real pain that the wind generator isn’t working! The one on Moana broke twice recently, once due to the high winds when a big fender hit the blades but we had the spare parts for both issues fortunately. They don’t have a generator so it is essential to keep their Duogen going. We can get some more spares in the UK in October to bring back.

All is well with us after a year, just enjoying the beautiful bays and fresh air, snorkelling and kayaking, keeping the boat maintained and baking ginger cakes! We have no doubts that this is just the first year, with many more of the same to follow we hope.

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  1. Peter & Laura says:

    Happy Anniversary/one year on from casting off your U/K ties, well done you both, good skippering, keeping it it all under control, taking your time and making all the right decisions, but doesn’t time fly, when do your passports expire? have you checked? On another note you are only missing the wettest June in U/K history so far so carry on cruising(there’s a film title in there) best wishes and keep those blogs going.

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