Walking Tour of Southern Mustique

Today we got up early and he walked some of the island before it got too hot. The paths are pristine, being raked over in the morning and on the beaches they have litter bins, helpful information boards, large BBQs and trestle tables under shades. We walked the trail around the salt pond, checked out the bird hide and saw a few flamingos in the distance.

Beach BBQ Area

We avoided the Manchineel trees, which are very poisonous but plentiful along the trail and saw hundreds of land crabs burying themselves in the sand holes they had dug.

Definitely Dangerous

One beach had a camera crew photographing a girl we didn’t recognise, perhaps just a magazine shoot. Mustique is very welcoming to visiting yachtsmen but the deal is that we respect the resident’s privacy in return, so I dragged Rob away! Another beach had hundreds of shells piled up and we saw beautiful flowers along the paths.

Tropical Colour All Around Us

It is a very unspoilt island.

Lovely Shady Pathways

Breakfast at Basil’s was next. Cinnamon toast with crispy bacon, maple syprup, toast, juice and coffee was easily the best breakfast we have had in years and in stunning surroundings. Once that had had time to go down we swam off the boat to the beach we are anchored by. This is a really special place to spend some time and I am glad we made the effort to get here. We will stay the full 3 days as we still have all of June to cover the next 5 islands.

Not a Bad Setting For Breakfast!

We then checked out what the local supermarket had to offer and found a great selection, with a couple of items we were planning to bring back from the UK in September, so we may as well buy it here and save the airline baggage allowance. The neighbouring wine merchant had a huge selection of wines as well but at a price.

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