Tour of Bequia

Kenmore Henville, the boat photographer duly found us and brought 46 photos on disk plus a framed photo of us sailing into Bequia.

Not Really Sinking - Just the Waves!

We liked more than the 4 you could buy for 80 GBP, as usual, so ended up with the entire set for 110 which was much better value in theory! 2 of them are posted.

Sailing Rapidly Into Bequia

The island is charming, relaxed and with a surprising number of really well stocked shops. Doris, in particular, sells an amazing range of chocolate, wines, spirits and tinned goods and the shop is so well air-conditioned you feel like staying in there all day. Knights Trading supermarket is larger and cheaper but again well stocked with most of the items we need. A local boat went by at 0700 selling banana bread and baguettes, another came along in the afternoon holding up a tuna. The local fish sellers blow a conch shell when there is a catch landed in the market, which is alongside the fruit and vegetable market with a dinghy dock in front of it. The only refuse skips are there too.

Spring Bay

We took the fast dinghy to Long Bay in the south and swam off the white sand beach for a couple of hours before the sun got too hot. The water is incredibly clear and turquoise without any weed or sea urchins to be seen. One boat was anchored just off the beach but in unsettled conditions it is said to be untenable so we have stayed on the mooring buoy for now as the wind has increased. They have since moved to a nearby buoy themselves.

Blogger at Work in Tommy's Bar - Hard Life!

We sat in Tommy’s Bar for the ‘happy hour’ from 1600 – 1800 with half price starters, rum punches, lagers and painkiller cocktails. The staff were friendly and they do a good range of food. Their Wi-Fi was fast and came free with the drinks. It is a pretty location, just to the south along the waterfront and we could see both our dinghy and Beyzano from their terrace. We downloaded the daily paper to read on the Kindle later but wished we hadn’t bothered, as it was just doom, gloom with a bit more doom and gloom thrown in for good measure. There is nothing we can do of course but it still makes depressing reading.

French and British Cannons

This afternoon we took a taxi tour of the island with Terence who owns the Sunshine Taxi and listens to VHF Ch. 68. In the 2 hours we saw virtually all of Bequia, including the fort, turtle sanctuary, the village of Industry and the viewpoint over the Grenadines at Mount Pleasant. It was fascinating to see the fishing nets and tiny boats on the Atlantic shore as the conditions were so rough it would be a brave man who went to sea today. Terence was very knowledgeable about the island as he has lived here all his life.

Fishing Nets Drying in the Sun

It cost 160 EC$ and was a good way to learn about life here. We should be here another 6 days and are feeling so at home already we were asking about land prices!

You are asked to make a donation of 10 EC$ each to help run the sanctuary and it was well worth the money.

Baby Turtle Tank

The baby turtles were really cute, kept from the day after they hatch on the nearby beach until they are ready to go back into the sea. I asked Martin, who helps at the sanctuary, about turtles biting and yes, they do bite apparently! I wasn’t being paranoid, they can bite your finger off but aren’t normally aggressive. So he says ☺

Rob aka The Turtle Whisperer!

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  1. Robert Horsford says:


    Great photo’s of Beyzano sailing! Looks like you’ve some serious speed on as well, looks like great sailing. And the price of the photos is pretty good when compared with Beken of Cowes!


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