Dry Season!

On Saturday we had a beautiful day sailing down the coast to Marigot Bay, in perfect conditions for Beyzano. In 14 knots of wind she sailed at up to 8 knots, very comfortably, until it was time to tack around and anchor in Rodney Bay for a late lunch. We wanted to test the old propeller, which was re-fitted on Wednesday and were very happy with the 7 knot speed we achieved at 2800 rpm. When reversing out of our marina berth we had the power again to counteract the strong prop walk, which takes us to port and the engine noise is much reduced. Something our Biscay crew would have preferred when they were trying to sleep and the wind had died during the crossing.

Rodney Bay Lagoon & Mall

So, although the feathering prop was useful for the long sail across the Atlantic, the larger fixed one is definitely better for manoeuvring the boat and motoring, as we may need to find shelter quickly in front of an approaching hurricane and need all the speed we can get.

Plenty of Room

We were stuck inside all day yesterday though, with torrential rain falling for hours. The lagoon is now brown with mud washed down from the hills surrounding Castries and debris such as coconuts and branches are bobbing around the boat. At least the lines and deck have had a nice fresh water rinse. We have plenty to keep us busy on board but are hoping for a lull in the weather so we can bail out the dinghy!

Some fish decided to play with our water hose, as it was low enough for them to jump over and they lined up to take a turn before going back for their next go. Hadn’t seen fish doing that before!

Whilst in the UK I bought a Kindle Keyboard with 3G and have plenty to read plus a subscription to a daily paper, which gets downloaded. Modern technology is proving very useful for our lifestyle, as we don’t need to carry books, videos nor CDs these days, saving a lot of space and weight. We use Facebook and Skype to keep in touch with our friends and family and can sort out all our banking and other admin online. Most of the time it is free or comes with the purchase of a chilled mocha in the local café.

On the subject of spending money, the bad news is that the 6K GBP budget with 3K extra in reserve for maintenance is not going to be enough for 2012. Our insurance is 2.5K, hauling out will be about 2K, unusual items such as the outboard and AGM batteries add another 3K this year and our flights back to the UK have also cost 3K and that was with Air Miles! On top of that there is fuel, food, socialising, customs fees and marina charges in the Caribbean, plus UK living expenses and car hire. It is still worth it though ☺

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  1. Peter & Laura says:

    Hi Rhian&Rob
    Very nice to read you are back onboard Beyzano and enjoying the lifestyle after what must have been so much upset, and thank you for your personal reply to my previous message. I have just watched the UK 10O’clock news and I think what a crazy world we live in! On one hand success at foiling a plot to blow up a US plane, on the other hand the success of another suicide bomber in Syria absolute devastation on a grand scale, strikes in the UK , back into recession, the doom and gloom goes on. then I look up your blog and the world is ok, I look on the world arc and they are now enjoying Bora Bora in an Idyllic south pacific setting, the aquarium etc, lots of georgeous photo’s, what a diverse world it is. My daughter is now firmly on the route of becoming a marine biologist and keenly asks to see where the boats are now on the WCC website tracker and loves seeing the photo’s posted by all the various boats,and now asks me when we are going to follow? mmm tricky one to answer but it just makes me all the more sure it would be a great thing to do as you have done, its just a case of making all the right decisions at the right time, being able to afford it( as you are finding costs are always on an upward spiral)but then at the end of the day, a decision to cast off has to be made, I hope I can make it sooner rather than later.
    Anyway, enough chatter, keep posting your blogs, and hope you aren’t chased by any hurricanes, as I was once cruising Anglesey/Northwales when Hurricane Charlie struck many years ago,now there’s a tale to tell, and yes like michael fish said no-one believed it was coming but it did and we sailed through it and got back to port safely in Conwy and then spent two days onboard unable to leave the boat, sailing eh!! lots of fond memories good and bad, we love them all.
    Fair winds to Beyzano and you both, go easy on that rum!

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