Sad News from the UK – Once Again

Apologies in advance – this is going to be an emotional post.

I have been with my father for the past 4 weeks, at his bedside almost all the time. All the staff at his care home have been wonderful, supporting me and caring for him. He passed away on Friday evening whilst I held his hand and it has been a privilege to spend so much time with him in the final weeks. He told me last year that he had had an interesting and happy life but the stroke took away all that he enjoyed and so he was ready to leave us. He gave me so much, not least a love of the sea and sense of adventure, enabling me to live my dreams with his blessing.

In hindsight I wondered if a delay of a year to our sailing plans would have been better but it was his wish we carried on and he was incredibly proud of our Atlantic crossing, following our progress on his laptop. It gave him something to focus on. A couple of weeks ago I was describing how amazing the ocean was and he smiled. He knows we will continue sailing and I hope he is able to watch over us.

For me, losing dad has been very traumatic following my mum’s death just 6 months ago and especially as Rob could not leave Beyzano to join me, as her safety is paramount for our cruising life; but we welsh girls are bred strong and friends and family have been wonderful ๐Ÿ™‚

Rob and Mikaela are still making good progress south, having spent a few days in Nevis before heading for Guadeloupe and Dominica. As soon as Beyzano is safely tied up in a marina Rob will fly back to the UK – I am looking forward to seeing him and very proud of the way he has taken on all the responsibility of the boat and not fallen out with any customs officials! Thanks also to Mikaela for looking after them both and keeping Rob company and out of trouble ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. Peter & Laura says:

    Oh Rhian, sad news indeed, but what a very proud dad you had and you can be sure he will be watching over you, but that now he will also be with his beloved wife, I have a young daughter and if I live long enough to see her do the things you have done then I too, like your father would be a very proud dad, you can hopefully cherish the memories of your life together knowing that he is at peace with his beloved, life is like a book, the end of one chapter, leads on to the next, but remembering that we humans are fragile creatures and should live our short lives to the full, what i’m saying is don’t be apart from Rob too long, enjoy each other and your chosen lifestyle to the full knowing your mum and dad are together up in those stars at night and watching over you in your safe anchorages.
    Best regards,
    Peter and Laura.

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