On To St Barts

Quick update from Rob. They had a pleasant 20 mile sail to Gustavia on St Barts where there is another nice roomy anchorage for Beyzano. Rob and Mikaela met up with ‘Chiscos’ for a meal last night and are off for a meal ashore tonight. Apparently, the new outboard is very light and very fast!! Oh dear 🙂 Rob has kept the old one, to join the old propeller and old everything else he likes to keep, just in case!

There is a super yacht race on at the moment, so lots of partying and huge boats around.

Tomorrow they are either heading to Nevis or more likely for a beach BBQ with John and Susan on Ile Forchue. Then Nevis the following day. Making good progress south though and it was very fortunate Mikaela was due to join us for 3 weeks just at the right time.

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