BVI to St Lucia

As posted earlier, Rob sailed Beyzano alone for a couple of weeks visiting the USVI due to visa restrictions. Once Michaela arrived they headed for Anguilla, onto St Martin and then to Gustavia, St Barts. a 20 mile trip. They motor sailed most of the way due to the wind being on the nose but it only took 4 and a half hours.

Beyzano Anchored in Gustavia, St Barts.

They anchored in the north part of the bay in 6 metres and with good holding. It was a bit crowded but that may have been due to the super yacht race which was taking place. Customs was done on the computer, same process as for the other french islands but he struggled with the strange keyboard! They met our friends from Chiscos (ARC) and went ashore one evening for a meal, gatecrashed the super yacht dockside party and generally can’t remember much more about the evenings 🙂 Chiscos’s outboard refused to start on the way back but they refused a tow thinking Rob would claim salvage rights and had to row a long distance back to their boat!

New Boat Wrecked on the Beach at Ile Fourchue

The following day he went back into town to find the chandlery and cleared out before going to Ile Fourchue for a beach BBQ. It was just 4 and a half miles but had to avoid the super yacht racing on the way, not easy at the speed the latter were going. There are only 5 moorings in the bay but it was a lovely, quiet place to stay with a great beach and good snorkelling. They had the beach to themselves for the evening.

Chisco at Ile Fourchue

From there they sailed to Nevis, which was 64 miles and as we visited there in January please see earlier posts for details. Only change is that the Double Deuce Bar has shut down but behind Sunshine’s Bar is a bar called Lime which had great service and fast Wi-Fi.

St Barts Waterfront

Leaving at first light they went onward overnight past Montserrat, Guadeloupe and Les Saintes, to Roseau in Dominica, a trip of 141 miles. The winds were between E and ESE but no more than 12 kts, so more motor sailing. They saw some whales and dolphins but otherwise uneventful. One of the boat boys got them onto a mooring near the Dominica Marine Centre but customs was closed as it was Easter Monday so they went the next day. However, a ferry had just arrived and they were told to come back the following day but as they were leaving then they were unable to check in at all.

St Barts. Yacht Dock

From there they sailed straight past Martinique to Rodney Bay, a trip of 15 hours where they anchored outside in 2 metres before dinghy-ing in to ask for a big empty berth as Rob doesn’t normally handle the boat in marinas and it was windy and the bowthruster only worked to one side. The winds on passage were ESE 15-25 knots with large swells between Martinique and St Lucia. They used the auto pilot nearly all the way and it coped admirably. They had one reef in the main and 2 in the genoa and it was comfortable and quick, making 8 knots most of the way. They caught a large barracuda with big teeth so they were pondering how to get rid of it when at the last minute, as its tail touched the boat, it went mad and did a back flip off the hook. Big sighs of relief all round but the metal lure had huge teeth marks in it!

Michaela then needed to fly back to the BVI to meet her parents and later rejoin Chiscos for the return trip to the UK across the Atlantic. We wish them all a safe and enjoyable trip and look forward to seeing them again in the autumn.

Rob had to fill out some custom forms to temporarily import the boat as he had to leave her unattended. In theory this had to be done even if you leave the country for 1 day and the officials have to visit the boat to check the list Rob made of easily removable items and stamp it. Rob also used the official Beyzano stamp he bought last year!

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