Back On Beyzano!!

After 7 weeks away I am finally back on the boat in Rodney Bay St Lucia, where we arrived after the ARC in December. Bit of a shock to get back into 30 degrees and sunshine but am sure I’ll cope 🙂

We flew with British Airways from Gatwick and as Premium Economy was only a little more expensive and we had 2 hold bags to check in, we treated ourselves to the upgrade. As a result of all Rob’s business travelling he still has a Gold Card so we can use the First Class Lounge, another total luxury which we won’t be able to afford once the card runs out next Spring. Fun whilst it lasts though! The flight was half empty, arrived early and Linus, the local taxi driver we know, was at the airport waiting for us. We were speeding back to the boat within 15 minutes of landing, so can’t fault any of the journey.

Rodney Bay is much quieter of course without all the ARC boats and with hurricane season approaching. A few British yachts in and we’ll drop by some of those later on. We are here for a few days to chill out, get settled back in and sort the boat out, as I have no idea what we need in terms of food and household goods and want to stock up again before we leave for Bequia. The 7 weeks has been long enough for me to be able to smell the boat again, hear all the noises and feel her moving on the water. Won’t take long to be back into boat mode though. She is being hauled out for a day on Wednesday to fit the new bowthruster blade, change the prop and give her a quick scrub.

I will post a second post today recounting all the trips Rob took to bring Beyzano from the BVI to St Lucia but didn’t want to beforehand as it isn’t good to let it be known where she is and that she is ‘alone’ for 2 weeks. She was completely safe in Rodney Bay Marina, nothing taken from the boat and the security guard is still in place at the gate. We still get the ARC discount for the marina fees as well!

I had mixed emotions leaving the UK, having caught up with so many friends and family who have been so supportive and kind but also having gone through the sadness of seeing my dad in his final weeks. It feels too soon to be away and getting back into such a different way of life when I feel I should be grieving. We have to get to Barbados next month and then sail south, prepare the boat and dodge hurricanes, so there is plenty to keep my mind off what has happened in the last 14 months. Time will tell if that is a good thing but there will be quiet moments when I will still think of mum and dad. The funeral was a fitting farewell, with welsh and naval elements and I was honoured to meet some of dad’s old naval school friends who he had known since 1940.

Whilst in the UK we stocked up on a few items we miss, such as chocolate and red thai paste plus peanuts and granola which are half the price there. I also left all my jumpers behind together with the boots, socks and jeans I needed to buy on arrival!

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