Single Handed Sailor

Rob and Beyzano are now safely secured to a mooring buoy in the USVI having made the 30 mile trip from Virgin Gorda yesterday. What a star πŸ™‚ Not easy to drop the mooring buoy and rush back 45 feet to the wheel before drifting back in the wind onto another boat. Picking up a buoy is even harder, so I’m looking forward to hearing Rob’s story of how he got on. He did say there were plenty of free moorings and he picked one up on the second attempt but I had visions of him having to anchor nearby and row round in the dinghy to tie the boat up but he obviously managed without having to do that.

The next challenge is to sail back to the BVI to meet Mikaela next Monday, so they can start to bring Beyzano south. I am hoping my dad will continue to improve so I can fly to Antigua or Martinique to rejoin the boat and Rob in April.

I am still in the UK but in Portsmouth this weekend visiting friends. It seems amazing to look out of the harbour and recall how we sailed through the entrance in late June last year and are now in the Caribbean. Much warmer πŸ™‚

Last night was the opening for Hardy’s of Haslar, the new restaurant which has taken the place of Landers. Great to see so many familiar faces there and be back at our old ‘home’ marina. The food and wine was good and I am having lunch there tomorrow. Hope everything works out for the new owners and staff in their new venture.

I’ll be back with my dad all next week and then in Newbury for the weekend, staying with our best man Steve. I am 50 on the 26th and it is his birthday the same day, so we’ll be celebrating. Sad not to be with Rob too but it can’t be helped.

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  1. Jo Fraser says:

    Glad Rob safely moored up. Not easy, as you say. Also glad your dad is getting better. We’ll be down in Haslar quite a lot during April so would be good to meet up before you go back.

  2. Dear Rhian – I was sorry to hear that you’ve had to return to the UK and I hope that your father is beginning to improve. We heard from the Copelands that Chris had buinped into you in the chandlers in Gosport! It must be such a relief not to gasp at the prices of spares etc. We’re in Bequia at the moment having gone straight to Grenada after “doing” the Leewards as our friend Bob was joining us there. He has another week with us so it’ll be back to Grenada when the really big adventure starts as we then head for Panama. Peat Smoke is trail blazing for us and is about a 100 miles from the Marquesas. I just hope that I can keep my spirits up and write as humourous blog as well as Caroline does.

    Dear Rob – Well done on the solo stuff – it’s a shame there wasn’t anyone to video your efforts! I gather Mikaela is joining you – you’d better start practising the penny whistle or get your vocal chords in order.

    With best wishes – Carol & Jon, Arnamentia

  3. Rhian says:

    Thanks and hope your onward journey is safe and enjoyable – no racing this time! Great co-incidence to meet Chris but managed only to buy a new Welsh courtesy flag as mine is in tatters. See you back in the Caribbean in 2013 x

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