On The Way South

With the arrival of our friend, Mikaela, into Tortola on Monday to help Rob, Beyzano is finally moving south again and overnight they should have progressed to Anguilla. The high winds we experienced a few weeks ago have abated, so they may even have had to motor there. I’m awaiting a text to confirm their safe arrival but as they are now 5 hours behind us in the UK I have resisted texting Rob at 1000 most mornings! Update 1500 BST – they have arrived safely and had a nice, uneventful crossing, just having breakfast before clearing in. They took 18 hours to do the 96 miles and motor sailed all the way, seeing dolphins and catching a nice, tasty bit of seaweed!

Sadly we were apart for my Half Century and didn’t make Sunshine’s Bar on the beach at Nevis as planned but friends and family here ensured the event was duly celebrated and 3 of our children turned up unexpectedly at a lunch on Sunday. A total surprise and great to see them again, especially as they were bearing the lovely cake Gisella made.

Mine All Mine!

I received the photo below from Rob thousands of miles away, which made me cry!

Birthday Wishes from a Distance!

Meanwhile I am staying with my dad and slipping back into my old UK ways of Costa Coffees, Waitrose food and Green and Black’s chocolate. Also stocking up on a few foodstuffs I can’t find in the Caribbean. I have travelled around by train, having sold the cars last spring and have booked to go to Edinburgh this weekend to meet our youngest, Owen. I’ll have to see how dad is though as I don’t want to leave his side at the moment.

Lunch in the UK Sunshine

Next stop for Rob is St Martin to visit the chandleries aka ‘Swindleries’. Why is it everything costs three times the normal price if it says ‘Boat’ in front of it! From there to Antigua or St Kitts or both and even a dash to St Lucia if the weather is favourable. We need to get Beyzano somewhere safe, in case Rob also needs to return to the UK soon.

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