New Bowthruster Prop

Since the boat went into the water in May she has been in warm seas for most of the time and the impact on the hull and fittings is showing. Although there is no weed growth, we are getting barnacles and growth on the prop and bowthruster shaft. Some things may be finding their way into pipes we can’t see, so we will need to investigate thoroughly when Beyzano is lifted in September in Trinidad.

Bowthruster Viewed From Side Missing A Prop - Note All The Growth!

Fortunately the warm water also means we are happy to snorkel every day and check her bottom, remove a few barnacles and scrub whatever we can reach. Both Jack and Dennis scuba and were happy to do some work on the prop for us. We have a mini-B scuba set onboard but need to know how to use it, probably worthwhile investing in a quick course, or continue with our Padi diving sessions.

New Prop Back In May 2011 (Before Rope Cutter Fitted)

The propellor blades were cleaned up in February but the shaft was left as there is a rope cutter somewhere under the growth and we risk damaging ourselves or equipment if we scrub too vigorously.

Propellor After Cleaning Blades - With Growth Still On Shaft

Half of our bowthruster also fell off somewhere! I have just received a replacement from Osmotech in Hamble who fitted it originally, plus new anodes, retaining nuts and bolts. What you can see is how badly encrusted the shaft between the two thruster props is and that is an area difficult to reach when the two blades are in place. Another job for the haul out but perhaps we should consider taking Beyzano out of the water for a day or so more regularly.

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