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I have had to return to the UK to visit my dad, leaving Rob sitting in the sunshine in charge of Beyzano. He has the issue of needing to clear out by March 16 or pay import tax of 200 US$ but it may be Rob decides to sail to the USVI again to avoid that until I know when I will be flying back.

Before I left we met a lovely British couple on ‘Flying Low’ who had us over to supper and shared some of their considerable knowledge of cruising the Caribbean. The following day we had too much to do to join ‘Salila’ on an early morning sail to Trellis Bay for the Full Moon Party, going by expensive ferry and taxi later in the day instead. A short taxi ride in the BVI is around 30 US$ for 1 person, 18 each for 2 and 10 each for 4 and this time we were lucky 2 others needed to go to Spanish Town with us. The ferry from Leverick Bay to Trellis Bay was 35 US$ each one way too. Nothing comes cheap in the BVI!

Sculptures for the Full Moon Celebrations

Peter picked us up in the dinghy and kindly put us up for the night, the first time we have slept in a catamaran. Very spacious accommodation but it did move around in the swell, just as much as a mono-hull but with a different motion. The party wasn’t too raucous but the stilt dancers were impressive on their towering stilts. How they kept their balance I’ll never know. There was live music, excellent food and another entertainer swung lit ropes around her head at speed and then gave a display of hula hoop gymnastics. No wonder she was so fit! Peter took the photos so if I get some later on I will post them here.

Flaming Orb (taken by Peter Ablett)

At around 2100 the metal sculptures just off the beach were lit, having been filled with paper and rags to get the fire going. There are 2 spheres and 1 in the shape of a man with his arms reaching to the moon. A spectacle well worth seeing if you are fortunate enough to be in the area on a full moon.

My flight on Friday with LIAT was first rate, being on time and half empty. It gave me plenty of time to go through customs at Antigua and check back in for the BA flight to Gatwick. Only moan would be the taxes at both BVI and Antigua which totalled 48 US$. I didn’t sleep much on the plane but we arrived early and I was with my dad by 1100, met my eldest son there in the afternoon and we are now in his flat in London about to skype with Rob and cook food we got at the local Marks & Spencer! It is really cold here but good to see family again.

Elliott was playing in his band one evening so I went along to listen. My ears were still ringing 24 hours later but it was great to see him playing live in London.

Death Valley Knights Setting Up

Rob is intending to sail to the USVI tomorrow so I hope it all goes well! During our last sail we hit a big gust and Rob suffered a bad rope burn but was very brave 🙂


We have become a bit complacent about wearing gloves lately, so this was a bit of a wake up call.

Further Injury

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