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The Four of Us Enjoying Happy Hour!

Our friends arrived as planned on Monday and meeting them couldn’t have been easier. Trellis Bay is right next to the airport, so not only do you get to watch their plane land, you can also walk to the terminal and wait in the café by arrivals. It is literally a 5 minute walk from the dinghy dock and we moved mooring to be as close to the beach as possible to shorten the journey to the boat.

Rob and Dennis Not Taking It Seriously!

We came to Trellis Bay in 2007 but the only thing I could remember is that it is crowded. There are plenty of moorings and several were free when we arrived, so it wasn’t an issue this time. It becomes very shallow in the south of the bay though and a reef extends from the islet in the centre, which houses the ‘Last Resort’ restaurant.

On the beach there is a market, a cyber-café, a gallery, bars and a couple of dinghy docks. Small ferries run from here to Marina Cay and Virgin Gorda. We saw ice being delivered to one boat and their rubbish was taken away.

Rob Taking It Easy at Trellis Bay

We saw some new charterers come in and bless them, they obviously had no idea how to tie the boat to the moorings. Perhaps the charter company should have told them but they went from buoy to buoy looking for one with lines attached already. They didn’t head into the wind, which should have been obvious from the way all the boats were lying and struggled to grab the pick up line. In the end they did hook one but the lady on the foredeck just tried to hold the boat in place whilst her husband left the helm and came forward. They tried to pull the small eyelet onto their boat but it is too small to fit over a cleat. Eventually they had to let it go as the boat weighed too much. By this time the whole anchorage was watching them but they at least looked around and saw the rest of us had long lines from our cleats to the little eyelet so they got a rope. However, they didn’t fasten the rope to the boat, so same result. Glad to say they did eventually get their boat tied up but it was a good reminder of how much you take for granted when you have a little experience.

Bitter End Resort, Virgin Gorda

We have been snorkelling most days in the National Park and Virgin Gorda. Saw a couple of sharks but nothing dangerous! Leverick Bay has a lovely resort feel about it, happy hours and you get free water with your mooring, saving us 20 US$. We watched the ‘Happy Aaaarh’ pirate show and Dennis took up the challenge of the conch shell blowing contest.

Dennis Blowing The Conch (far right)

Gorda Sound has enough anchorages to spend several nights, so we moored in Leverick and Bitter End and also anchored close to the reef another evening. On our way back west we will stop at Necker Island’s reef if the weather is calm enough for snorkelling. The Bitter End marina is very up-market and the mooring buoys cost an extra 5 US$ for the privilege but you can use the showers. Dennis and Paula went to the supermarket and brought back delicious pecan tarts for coffee time and had a good time snorkelling in Eustatia Sound.

Dennis and Paula in The Car

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3 Responses to More BVI Cruising

  1. Caroline & Robert (Yacht Aragorn) says:

    Your blog just brings back so many memories! You look to be having so much fun – as you say motoring a few miles is a little different to crossing the Atlantic! Just dont forget to order your lobster dinners on channel 16 – well what else would you use channel 16 for other than making restaurant reservations and ordering food! Enjoy ! xx

  2. Peter says:

    Hi Rob&Rhian,
    Looks like life continues to get better, you both look incredibly well and healthy and enjoying your cruising lifestyle to the max, and Beyzano looks like she is bowling along nicely in your pics, do you feel like you are on extended holiday or is the way of life settling into a routine? I now know what you meant from your comment on why you didn’t enter the world arc thinking it would move on too fast, I have been keeping an eye on blogs from the galapagos islands but they are shortly to move on again on the next leg (some2,900nm) now that will take some provisioning!! How are your logistics going? ie costs/maintenance/fuel/food/etc, one things for sure, Robs blood pressure must be pretty low by now, long may you continue to have fun in the sun.
    Best regards,

  3. Rhian says:

    Yes, all well here thanks except half the bowthruster has decided to fall off somewhere! Lucky we don’t need it too often these days. Costs get over budget in the BVI as it is so expensive but in the USVI it was well under.
    Haul out will be around 1K and our flights back to the UK were another 1K so all that needs to be factored in. We need a new outboard too …
    Gas, water etc is all easy to find, so no problems with that. Fresh milk is probably the most difficult food item in some islands but otherwise we have all we need.

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