Safely In Martinique

Just a quick post to say we had a brilliant, fast sail to Marin yesterday and managed not to join the other yachts on the reefs in the bay. We anchored in 7 metres on sand at lunch time, went for a few swimming sessions to cool down and explored the town today.

Marin Anchorage

Clearance was done in the office onsite at the marina using self-service terminals and the print out was stamped without any questions. We found the Wi-Fi down in both cafes but just picked up cable connection so am able to post a few photos.

Dinghy Dock at the Supermarket

Tonight we found a supermarket with dinghy dock and are having a BBQ on the boat once we finish in the internet cafe. Rob and Jack are getting used to the new car for going shopping and were pleased with the price of wine and selection of cheeses. We are definitely on a french island now, with lovely croissants and a real french feel to the area, plus of course another chance to bring out the basic french for their amusement.

Jack and Rob Driving Our Car!

I have become more used to going ashore and being comfortable about leaving the boat out of sight and sleeping soundly through the night and we know she is dug into good holding sand.

Our Neighbour!

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2 Responses to Safely In Martinique

  1. Jo Fraser says:

    Sounds wonderful. I think the immigration systems have been updated since i was there in 2007. It was all very labour intensive and bureaucratic! However, that was in the Western Caribbean and not quite so used to visiting yachts. Will send you a separate email on our current plans for Spring 2012. How are you doing without solar panels?

  2. Rhian says:

    Hi – great to hear from you and hope Christmas and New Year was good!
    We have been at anchor for a week now and managing fine without solar panels as it has been windy enough to keep the duogen busy! As we are now doing shorter hops up the coasts the engine heats the water in the morning and tops up the batteries but we do run the generator in the evening, to heat the water and use the hairdryer 🙂 In addition, the new AGM batteries are holding their charge much better than the lead acid.
    Both frige and freezer are working well, so no issue with power at the moment.

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