Leaving St Lucia

After 24 days here in Rodney Bay marina, we are leaving this morning with our new crew, Jack, who arrived on 1 January and anchoring in the bay overnight. At first light we will head north to Martinique and anchor in one of the bays before clearing in the next morning.

We have had a great time here but it is time to move on before we get too at home! The temptation of the quieter and more picturesque bays to the north has finally become too much and we are looking forward to many nights at anchor, lots of snorkelling and having BBQs on the boat, things you can’t do in the marina.

We met Jack in December after he had crossed the Atlantic in another boat, ours being full and he has settled in quickly and spent hours yesterday cleaning the bottom of the dinghy, helping me with the re-provisioning and filling the water tanks. Very helpful, good company and easy to live with already, exactly what you need in crew!

Our camping gaz cylinder is just being filled up in Suds Laundry, so we will have 3 full 3kg bottles but we need to change over to propane once they are empty as you can’t easily get camping gaz in other islands. The propane bottles are much bigger, cost about 100 pounds but will last a lot longer. We also need a different regulator. To refill, they cost about 40 pounds.

The clearing out process was quick and all done by the officers online with the ESeaClear system. Our passports were just stamped and a couple of forms printed out in the office for the port authority and immigration. Took about 5 minutes. The marina read our water and electricity meters and we paid up – 32 pounds for electricity and 60 for water as we had used 934 gallons.

So with a final check on emails and the weather we are hoping to leave in a couple of hours, spend the afternoon chilling out and snorkelling, followed by a BBQ onboard before an early start tomorrow for the 30 mile passage to Martinique. The swell is predicted to be about 2 metres but is is only a short hop! Whenever we can get Wi-Fi we will update the blog and our location.

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4 Responses to Leaving St Lucia

  1. Art says:

    Looks like you all had a great time in St. Lucia! We left with Feelin’ Good in mid-December and left her in St. Martin. My wife and I will be returning to her this week and we’ll be spending the winter season ‘cruising’. Hope to run into you somewhere. We have some partying to do!

    Ciao, Art and Tracy

  2. Deiniol Williams says:

    Hi Rob and Rhian,

    We got home today after 2 weeks at Smugglers Cove, and Arabella has been in the yard at Rodney Bay since last week. We got to take the wives to Marigot bay a couple of times, but did not see you around much when we were at the marina.

    Good luck on your travells and will be keeping a lookout on you website!

    Deiniol and the rest of the crew from Arabella

  3. Peter and Laura Owen says:

    Yes a Great time indeed, but time to move on now, interesting facts in your blog, amazing how much water was used, does Beyzano have a watermaker now you will be doing more at anchor? and £92 for 24 days sounds a good deal, how much was the berthing fee as a matter of interest? Have a further great time heading north, and best wishes for a happy cruising new year and beyond. Keep safe and well.

  4. Rhian says:

    Hi Peter and Laura
    Yes whilst in the marina we used a lot of water on washing clothes and the boat but at anchor use sea water for rinsing etc and top up with our watermaker which makes 60 litres an hour.
    The berthing was around 17 pounds per day – bargain!

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