Happy New Year!

On Christmas Eve we had a few people over for drinks and some went on to a local church for a 4 hour midnight mass which was apparently well worth attending with fantastic singing and atmosphere.


We remained in Rodney Bay to celebrate Christmas but stayed on the boat as we had everything we needed for a full lunch and having had some very sad times this year, just wanted to reflect and have a quiet time. With 2 burners and a small oven, cooking a whole turkey was abandoned in favour of breasts rolled around cranberry stuffing and wrapped in parma ham and these took the same time to roast as the potatoes in goose fat. Despite the champagne start to the day and the fancy dress, the meal still went to plan!

Santa on the Champagne!

Christmas Puddings rounded off the meal and we looked up the Queen’s speech on the internet as we can’t get the TV to tune in here.

Us - Into 2012 on the Beach

Between Christmas and New Year we snorkelled in Rodney Bay and met up with our ARC friends and generally the time slipped away again, as it seems to do these days.

New Year's Eve Venue

Last night 18 of us went to the Bay Gardens Resort, a local hotel on the beach for a party to join ‘Peat Smoke’ and their family, making nearly 40 of us in total. For 75 pounds there was a champagne reception with canapés, then a host of oriental buffet dishes, drinks and cocktails all night, Chinese lanterns to put your wishes into and champagne again to toast in the New Year. The hotel set up tables on the beach just for our group.

Tables on the Beach for the ARC Group

The bay was lit up at midnight by fireworks and flares, whilst the anchored boats looked on anxiously. The mass lighting of the paper lanterns was an interesting spectacle with many not making it into the sky and crashing in flames on the crowded beach! There was also live music and a disco which went on until 2am. The taxi fare back was only 1.25 pounds each for a 20 minute trip which is amazing for New Year’s Eve!

Fire Hazards!!

We had a great time and memorable start to 2012 and also toasted all our family and friends in the UK at 8pm here.

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  1. Jo Fraser says:

    Happy New Year to you both. Lots of love Jo and Liz

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