Exploring Dominica

What an amazing island Dominica is. Despite the negative press we have found the people so welcoming and feel perfectly safe here. In both Roseau and Portsmouth (home from home!) the local marine industry has addressed their poor reputation by organising into authorised groups, providing security patrols and excellent services.

4th Rum, Getting Dark - Anyone know where we left the dinghy??

Whilst using Pancho’s mooring outside his house in Roseau, we saw the local fishermen casting a circular net, throwing stones into the water to frighten the fish and bashing the water with an oar. At the last minute, as the circle closed, one of them dived into the water but we aren’t sure exactly what he did. But they then dragged up the net with a few fish trapped inside.

Local Fishing Technique

We also met the local security patrol who were going about the anchorage at night without lights, circling each boat and checking everything was OK. They are also the rescue service.

Rainbow Over Portsmouth, Dominica

This morning we left Roseau after filling up the water tanks for 7 pounds at the Drop Anchor dock and moved north to Prince Rupert’s Bay and Portsmouth. Not quite the same as the city we left in June last year – more rain today! The rainbows are worth the drenching though.

Tomorrow we are being picked up to take the indian river tour by row boat to see the beautiful vegetation and wildlife. Our guide is Andrew from Seabird, one of several approved boat services providers. He also met us many miles out before we got near Portsmouth and helped us onto the mooring buoy in the sheltered north of the bay. We usually anchor as we feel safer but in an effort to support the local community and their great efforts to establish services to yachts we have used their moorings throughout our time in Dominica.

To fund their security patrol they hold a beach BBQ tomorrow evening and for around 12 pounds you get the meal, dancing until late and rum and fruit juice. Can’t wait 🙂

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