Chilling Out at Sunshine’s Bar on Nevis

Rather than sail on to St Kitts or the BVI we decided to take some time out and stay in this beautiful island. At the moment Rob, Jack and I are sitting in the bar on the beach and our lobster lunch is on the BBQ whilst we use the fast Wi-Fi to keep in touch.

Sunshine's Bar - Glad to see the Welsh Flag!

The daily routine continues to be a mixture of chilling out, sailing and necessary trips to the town for food plus chores such as the washing. This morning we made water so I could handwash the sheets and towels. Rob and Jack visited the market and got us stocked up with fresh salads and vegetables plus frozen goods from the supermarket.

Outside The Bar

We then gathered our laptops and swimming gear into dry bags and used the dinghy to land on the beach by the bar. Blissfully quiet at the moment but last night it was much busier and we met up with Art from ‘Feelin Good’ another ARC yacht. We also saw the couple from ‘Puddle Jumper’ who were the catamaran in Deshaies. We often meet the same yachts as we all make our way around the islands.

Beach At Sunshine's Bar

Sunshine’s Bar has a lovely ambience with flags and photos all around the open bar which is filled with huge comfy sofas. Outside there are loungers on the beach and tables under sunshades and the staff help you pull your dinghy up the beach when you arrive. The food is amazing, the staff friendly and helpful and it is a fantastic place to waste away the hours.

Later we are spending a bit of time on the beach before heading back to the boat. Monday is the day for visiting the plantation and museums and Jack is kindly treating us to lunch. I am so glad we decided to stop here and we will be back for much longer next time.

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2 Responses to Chilling Out at Sunshine’s Bar on Nevis

  1. Peter & Laura says:

    Hi Rhian,Rob&Jack,
    It all looks very Idyllic, island hopping in the carribean, nice photo’s and your passports must be looking fairly impressive by now, you must be well chilled out by now? How’s the boat fairing as a liveaboard? and how are the batteries coping? I must say its nice to hear that you meet up with other yachts from the arc as you continue your travels, we are now keeping an eye on the world arc which is gathering at the entrance to the panama canal at the moment, now that’s some adventure!! anyway, hope you continue in a similar way, looks like paradise, sounds like it too, so it must be!
    Happy cruising, go easy on the rum punches, addictive they are.

  2. Rhian says:

    Thanks for your comment and yes, enjoying the new life far too much! We always have the rum punch in the hope that some will not be lethal! Usually are though.
    Our 3 new AGMs give us 600 amps and are holding their charge very well. They can also be recharged much faster than the lead acids, so we are saving on diesel for the generator also. The watermaker has also proved worthwhile, as we don’t have to go into port to top up as some of the docks are quite small and difficult for yachts plus you can be charged 10$US for 100 gallons. We can fill all our tanks, which is 125 gallons for 5$US.

    The boat is proving a great liveaboard, people always comment on the large cockpit and we mostly live outside. We don’t have an awning, just a bimini, but keeping the hatch covers drawn over during the day keeps the interior cool enough. If it is raining and we need to cook inside then the fans have been really good and keep us cool. The only things on the boat we have had to replace have been general wear and tear, such as a hatch hinge, nothing major.

    We are looking forward to getting into the Pacific but it won’t be for many years – there are far too many bays to explore and we may be in danger of getting old here before we get to New Zealand and beyond. Will have to make a real effort to leave!

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