Food Supplies!

We took the dinghy to the local mall this morning and I was amazed to see loads of items from Waitrose, so thought I’d quickly post a note to stop others doing the ARC next year bringing out half the tins and things I did from the UK!! You can get Waitrose brand j-cloths, shower creams, earl grey tea bags, filter coffee, tins of vegetables, fruit, soup etc. Jars of mincemeat, chutney, cake, cereals, biscuits, ginger ale and tonic. Also frozen lemon tart and profiteroles.

You can also get Heinz baked beans, Hellman’s mayo, cheddar cheese and plenty of BBQ foods. A group of about 20 of us had a beach BBQ on Wednesday night once it got a bit cooler. Between 1000 and 1600 we try not to do too much as it gets very hot and we just aren’t used to it yet. A cooling breeze today is helping but we don’t have too many chores to do anyway.

On the subject of food, this is a photo of the large dorado we caught during the crossing.

Dorado Ready for Filleting

The generator issue turned out to be the thermostat which was so full of salt and gunk, so it wasn’t working. Rob took it out and cleaned it up and all seems OK again for now. At least we didn’t have to hoist out the generator. We have also replaced 3 watermaker filters and the final one is being brought from the UK just after New Year, so all is well there too. The local chandlery has the domestic batteries we need in stock, so we will have a nice fresh set for the start of our cruising year.

Tonight we are all off to the ‘Jump’, a Friday night street party with food, mainly fish, and dancing. They know how to party here! With 170% proof rum, no wonder! I can’t believe the 26th ARC finishes tomorrow evening – it has been such a huge part of our lives for the last few months. We have friends doing the ARC next year and are already tempted to volunteer to man the finishing line here so we can welcome them in.

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  1. Dave and Julie says:

    Congratulations to you both – what a success! St Lucia sounds fascinating and have a great xmas.

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