Arriving This Evening!

We are now only 68 miles from Rodney Bay, so all being well we hope to be sipping ice cold rum punches by this evening. A little bird stayed with us a short while but didn’t seem exhausted so we hope it makes whatever journey it is off on.

Hitch Hiker Near St Lucia

There is very little wind and we have had to motor for the past day and 2 nights but at least the batteries are well charged up! Apart from a couple of days when the swell was a bit much, we have been comfortable on board, able to move around easily, cook and keep the boat clean, nothing has broken (including the glass and china) and none of the crew have sustained any injuries.

The provisioning has been declared a success by the crew, with 20 lunches and 20 dinners all well received and without having to repeat any dish. We only have half an onion and a lemon to use up and still have a loaf of long life bread which is still pristine despite the heat – I do wonder what they put in those but best not to know!

We haven’t had any wind over 28 knots, only 2 rain showers and no seas which Beyzano couldn’t cope with so we consider our Atlantic crossing fortunate and amazing. The whales swimming alongside within touching distance were a highlight, as was the catching of the huge dorado for dinner but the expanse of the clear blue ocean under some spectacular sunrises and sunsets have been expecially memorable. It is truly beautiful out here and I am already keen to get going again even though we haven’t arrived in St Lucia yet!

Once I get time and a good connection I will update the blog with photos and more details about life aboard under the cruising section for those doing a similar trip in the future. All I can say is that is has been the most wonderful experience.

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4 Responses to Arriving This Evening!

  1. Jo Fraser says:

    I suspect that by the time you read this you will have had one or two cold beers or punches! Well done to complete the ARC with no real problems either human or equipment! To say that I am envious is an understatement!!!! Lots of love Jo and Liz x

  2. Darrell Holland says:

    2011 at 18:23
    Oooooooooooooh how good those Rum Punches will
    taste, the clear blue waters, the Dolphins, Whales and Dorado, brings back the memories of the 1999/2000 Arc crossing.
    We used our Cockpit for bathing and swilled off the salt with water from our tanks!
    Hope you can deect the envy in this note!
    Congratulations again if my other email hasnt reached you.

    Darrell from yacht Vision at Moana Spain.

  3. Mike Willis says:

    Conratulations on your outstanding achievment! Mike

  4. Dennis & Paula says:

    What a wonderful adventure you have had. I am soooo pleased that the weather for your crossing was so perfect. Maybe one day when I retire I can do the same and I can look foward to sharing some beers, rum punches and pain killers with you soon so that I can pick your brains for some first hand experienced advice. Seeing the whales must have been fantastic, I would have had to be restrained from going over the side with my mask and snorkel and causing chaos.

    Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year. Lots of love Dennis & Paula xx

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