Arrived Safely In St Lucia

We arrived last night at 1933 local time to a wonderful welcome from the finishing line boat, ARC officials and St Lucia tourist officials bearing ice cold rum punch, basket of fruit and a bottle of rum. Other ARC boats nearby cheered and shouted as we berthed up and it was a memorable arrival into a marina!

Rum and Punch Welcome Basket

Also welcoming us a few miles out were a very energetic group of dolphins who played by the bow.

Land Ahoy After 20 Days

The marina has undergone huge development since we last visited in 2006, with shops, bars, restaurants and wide pontoon berths. Although it was dark we didn’t have too much trouble berthing but the depth under the keel did read 0.6 metres at one point and the narrow cut from the bay into the lagoon is quite difficult to see with all the bright lights from the Rodney Bay complex around it.

Our laundry has already been collected by Suds Laundry and the refuse is also picked up from the boat. Later we will get a better Wi-Fi connection in the local cafe and update the photos. We also need to pump the dinghy as there is a dinghy dock at the huge mall nearby where we can re-stock for Christmas. Still not sure where we will spend Christmas, maybe here, maybe Martinique or Grenadines, just see how we feel and where our friends are heading!

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5 Responses to Arrived Safely In St Lucia

  1. Jo Fraser says:

    Glad you have arrived safely. Enjoy the festivities!

  2. Mari says:

    Congratulations on your successful ARC crossing and success with your well planned provisioning as ‘a well fed crew is a happy crew.’ It’s been fun following you from cyber space.

  3. Jo van Beek says:

    Great!!! you have made it.
    Congratulations and enjoy your time over there.

  4. Mike & Jeanne says:

    Its great to see you have arrived safely in St Lucia – a v well done. We have been reading your postings with great interest since you left Haslar and they have given us great inspiration to follow in your footsteps when the 9 – 5 is a distant memeory!
    If you are stuck for ‘new years’ may I suggest Foxys on Jost Van Dyke – we saw the new year in there a couple of years ago – brilliant!!
    Last but not least your website is tip top and is providing great information of reference for when we cast off!!
    Mike & Jeanne

  5. Sue says:

    Hi both,

    I’ve been following your trip, it’s so interesting, everything about it is fascinating. Keep enjoying, Rhian you are looking so well and happy.

    Take care
    Sue x

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