ARC – Final Week

We have been in the marina for 3 days now and have managed to get Beyzano cleaned up, the hull polished by a local tradesman and she is off on a day sail already.

Thick Salt Layer Cleaned Off - Well Worth the Money!

I needed to stay in port to attend the Chris Doyle seminar on cruising in the Caribbean in case there are up-to-date tips about places to go or not to go. Rob and James took Beyzano out without me for the first time and I must admit I felt a bit anxious seeing her go off! They have gone to Marigot Bay for lunch and will come back here to anchor later, when I will dinghy out for a BBQ and bring the boat back into her berth.

Rodney Bay Marina - Spacious Berthing

There are only 5 more boats to arrive now and the marina is busy and with a great atmosphere. Every time a new boat comes in the foghorns and shouting and clapping resound around the marina – lovely welcome. People visit all the time and we will be sad to see our ARC friends start to drift off, some back to the UK by plane, others going on quite soon through Panama. A few are staying around the area like us, so we will keep in touch with them.

Marina Boardwalk

People selling fresh fruit call daily but they are all very friendly and there is no pressure at all to buy. The boardwalk at the marina has lovely restaurants of different cuisines and they open early to late. Last night it was the annual Marina Manager’s cocktail party with free food, drink and a live band. We were given colourful headresses on arrival to add to the carnival feel as it was St Lucia’s national day, a public holiday yesterday.

More Boardwalk Alongside the Marina

I am slowly getting used to the heat, trying to get any chores done very early or late in the day. I stay out of the sun as much as possible but my hair is getting a very pale blonde now. Rob still has the beard he grew during the crossing so perhaps I can rent him out to the local shopping mall for a Santa Claus job. He thinks he will have half a white face when he shaves it off now!! May be best to wait until we can anchor off alone for a few days to avoid the comments.

James is scuba diving tomorrow but off to Gatwick on Friday evening and it will be sad to see him go back after a month with us. Hopefully our 4 children will save up enough to visit us for long holidays next year.

On Saturday it is the final party, a big farewell and gathering for the prize giving ceremony – none for us I suspect but it will the last chance to say goodbye. The organization has been really good, except for a slight issue with our onboard tracking device which seemed to lag several hours behind other peoples plus the inability to get our Daily Logs onto the ARC site. We just put our own up on this site instead so it wasn’t too much of a problem.

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3 Responses to ARC – Final Week

  1. Peter and Laura Owen says:

    Congratulations on your safe arrival in St Lucia, we have enjoyed following the arc and the daily log entries from various boats, in particular Beyzano, you made it all sound very easy going and relaxed, o/k you didn’t press the boat too hard by the sound of it, but she obviously gave you a safe and comfortable passage, so well done and enjoy the next phase of your adventure whatever you decide it may be, I hope you will continue to update your website so that the landlocked/freezing/wet/muddy/overtaxed/underpayed/gonna sell the house followers of adventurers such as yourselves can hope to someday follow in your wake.
    Good luck, fair winds and happy log entries, keep um coming.

  2. Rhian says:

    Thank you and all the best with your plans. We will keep updating the blog until nobody wants to read it anymore!

  3. Patrick and Shirley Inskip says:

    Huge congratulations on your fantastic achievement, all your hard work and preparation clearly paid off. We’re both delighted for you, so enjoy the carib’. We will definitely have to include a report (with pics) in the Spring Eau magazine!

    Patrick and Shirley

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