Party Time!

This week there have been social events every day, sometimes 3 a day, including the Sunset Rendezvous with free food and drink, the Welcome Party and the Owner’s Dinner. It was certainly good to get dressed up and let our hair down in the midst of all the serious preparations. Last night we were out from 1830 through to 0200, finishing with the Salsa Dancing evening. We forgot our gate key and I was halfway through climbing around the security gate when the port police turned up, so that was interesting! A neighbour arrived at the same time fortunately and managed to convince them that we weren’t worth arresting.

The party was very good, with live entertainment and plenty of food and drink. We haven’t had to buy food for the evening for days and this looks set to continue with a BBQ on Sunday evening and a meal on ‘Chiscos’ Monday, following a discussion on the route we are all thinking of taking across the Atlantic.

R Pontoon

Our pontoon, R, is almost full now and we have met some lovely people. Being so closely berthed together, it is easy to chat and get to know one another. Not a day goes by without meeting up for a drink or meal and as we approach the start of the ARC there is a lot of sharing of tools, advice and general moral support. A lot of the boats have dressed their yachts ‘overall’, us included, and it looks very festive for the opening ceremony on Sunday.

On November 11th, a few of the British contingent gathered beside our next door boat with John from ‘Chiscos’ playing the ‘Last Post’ on his trumpet, as Jon lowered his white ensign. It was a very moving few minutes.

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