Official ARC Opening & Dinghy Race

Plenty of fun on Sunday with the parade of the ARC crews behind their national flags followed by the 30th International Dinghy Race. We were the only entrant from R pontoon and once the ‘race’ started we understood why!

Into The Fray!

For some unknown reason, the men decided black bras would be a good look and disturbingly many thought Rob looked fetching in his and very happy too.

Time For A Plan

The rules were never evident but the 7 of us from Chiscos and Beyzano managed to stay in the dinghy and get totally soaked. It was great fun.

Beyzano Crew Ready For The Parade

A traditional canarian market was held in the morning, selling local crafts and produce, with a BBQ in the evening courtesy of Don Pedro who runs the fuel dock.

National Flags Raised

We have had a brilliant time over the last week and having been dubious about joining the ARC in the past, can now fully recommend it. Not only are all the events really enjoyable but the free food and drink, discounted berths and advice are well worth the entry fee.

Another boat has had to drop out at this late stage due to technical issues, which it has had for 2 years. The electrical system is novel but is causing huge problems and the crew are looking for another ride. Individuals who have turned up here in the hope of a berth are still wandering around on a daily basis, using a variety of techniques to try to get some attention. Most say they are excellent engineers, cooks, deckhands and speak several languages but some have never sailed and I wonder if a 3 week passage across the unpredictable Atlantic ocean is a good introduction to sailing.

Our daughter, Kym, arrived yesterday and we are looking forward to having her with us for a week and seeing us off next Sunday on the marina entrance breakwater. Rob has time to take a break and tour around the island tomorrow but I will need to continue with the seminars.

3 other friends arrive on Friday to see us off, so the party atmosphere will be high next weekend, mixed with trepidation and excitement.

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