Helicopter Demo & Final Crew Arrives

This morning we attended the demonstration of the rescue of a man overboard from the sea and a casualty from a vessel, by helicopter.

Hope We Won't Need This!

It was brilliantly executed by the local SAR team in conjunction with the port lifeboat and was watched by all those without hangovers from the fancy dress party held last night. Not that many!

Safety Demo Underway

Our friends from Haslar, Rob and Caroline, spent yesterday evening with us and brought us a part for our kicker and more food from the UK! They have had some poor weather en route and it looked like posting the items from Portugal might be necessary a couple of weeks ago, in case they didn’t make it here before the ARC left. Our thanks to them for making the trip to Las Palmas through thick and thin. We had a lovely meal together and it was sad to see them go as we don’t know when we will meet up again.

The Crew of Beyzano ARC 2011

Jamie and James have now joined us and all the crew are onboard. Tomorrow we need to buy the fresh fruit and vegetables and get it washed and stored somewhere. The boat looks like a bomb has hit her and on top of all the equipment we have taken out of the stern cabins to accommodate the crew, the spinnaker and large genoa are in our bed in the forecabin!

Rob, James, Jamie, Rhian & Paul (R - L)

This afternoon Rob and I cooked lentil loaf, a ginger cake and rock buns for the trip and having all the ingredients and tins spread all over the boat didn’t help the situation but it will all be stowed away for Sunday – has to be!

Jamie put pipe insulation foam on the spreaders and took a photo of me on deck whilst he was at the top of the mast. Looks a very long way down but he was happy enough up there and had a great view across the marina.

Long Way Down!

We have a pontoon party tonight with music and singing and having practised on Monday on ‘Chiscos’ we should be ready. Then tomorrow the big farewell party is held in the Yacht Club, so it is party frock time again. We have met so many great people and will miss them over the next 3 weeks. There is a radio net to tune into daily, so we will be in touch with the 75 or so boats near to us but we are already discussing the reunions in St Lucia and where one another will spend Christmas.

Dinner on Chiscos

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