First Crew Arrives

Paul Rogers, one of our 3 crew, arrived on Thursday and has been helping us with the final few tasks on our list. Just 11 left and nothing too major, luckily, but things which are necessary before the start such as putting foam on the spreaders to reduce chafe on the sails and halyards, stowing the anchor and sails. Rob also wired and taped our 2 guardrail gate catches in case they come undone at sea, wired the cooker gimbals to ensure it doesn’t come adrift if we are knocked down and changed the gearbox oil.

Paul Sorting Out The Comms

Paul has elected himself 4th Mate even though he has arrived first, with the rationale that the lower he is in the pecking order, the less responsibility he will be given and the more sunbathing opportunities he will get. Mmm, have to break it to him gently! We are both 50 in March but he has done a lot more sailing and on some large yachts. He has been a delivery skipper and RYA instructor for 8 years and lives in Cornwall. He wanted to sail across the Atlantic before he was 50 and hopefully he will! Me too!

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  1. De says:

    Hi keep him working hard, lol!!

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