Having some lovely days at sea, lots of sunshine and blue skies but not that much wind. We have been casually flying the cruising chute and gently sailing along, fishing and enjoying ourselves but not making a lot of progress towards St Lucia!

Tranquil Atlantic

Everyone is settled well into our daily routines now, the watch patterns are working and we are all happy, safe and well. It has been great fun so far, we just should concentrate a bit more on getting going or we will miss Christmas ashore.

The food is lasting reasonably well except for the lettuces. We need to eat a lot of salad over the next day or so but the rest of the fruit and vegetables were very unripe, as promised by the market trader and perfect for the crossing. The generator needs to be run a few hours a day as we are consuming quite a lot of power but have now turned off the plotter and fridge overnight in an effort to save power.

Flares & Veg Store

Hooked a huge fish yesterday but it got away, probably for the best as we could barely reel it in. Dolphins came to play at sunset and we have sighted a couple of other boats but that is all.

Hope everyone else in the ARC fleet are doing well and look forward to seeing you all again in Rodney Bay.

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