Almost Half Way There!

Life onboard continues calmly and happily! All the equipment is still working, including the watermaker, freezer and generator and long may they continue please. The fresh food is lasting into week two, with oranges, apples, tomatoes, potatoes and cabbages still aboard. We aren’t drinking as much alcohol as expected, virtually none in fact but we will have a glass of champagne when we cross the half way line and the rum punch the ARC team supply on arrival.

Me - Happy & Relaxed Mid Atlantic!

We have seen flying fish and dolphins, caught a dorado which gave us 20 fillets and everyone is well and settled into the boat routines which are mostly enjoying the sunshine and sailing gently along with the wind and waves behind us.

James Struggling to Land the 20 servings of Dorado!

We haven’t motored at all having been fortunate to have 12-20 kts most days except one lighter day a week ago. For the majority of the time we just use the cruising chute but are in no great hurry to reach St Lucia as being out on the ocean is far too compelling. We are approaching half way already and I must admit I feel sad.

Last night we came within a few hundred feet of our first boat in days and it was Arabella, who were on the same pontoon as us in Las Palmas. Good to see there is other life out here as you can easily start thinking you are all alone when all we see is endless blue sea and sky.

Got to go – just hooked another fish and hope it is smaller than the last one!

Hope everyone else in the fleet are enjoying themselves and to all at home – we are all loving the Atlantic xx

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2 Responses to Almost Half Way There!

  1. Jo Fraser says:

    Watching the tracker avidly. Suspect yo won’t have a podium finish but glad you’re enjoying yourselves!

  2. Martyn says:

    Go Rhian and Rob – Go! – love from Sian 🙂

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