Swimming, Baking and Painting

Started the day off with a warm swim in crystal clear water off the sandy beach next to the marina. This is the life! Beats getting up at 0500 to drive along the M4 to Bristol in the dark to work. Can’t believe I did that for nearly 2 years! People were nice though and the planes 🙂

Deserted Beach

Other than that we have just done some domestic duties, baking a ginger cake for the next long sail to Las Palmas and then the painting.

Original Beyzano Painting 2007

Amongst the hundreds of artwork on the harbour wall we found the one painted by the previous owner, Stephan Bey and his crew, when he took Beyzano to join the 2007 ARC. It looked really good and as we are still in touch we were sure he wouldn’t mind us brightening up the fading colours and just adding ‘2011’ and a smile. Here is a photo of our efforts for his approval.

Spruced Up For Another Few Years

The wind has died down today but we are too happy here to move on! It is also perfect weather for a BBQ on the beach later and we need to provision for the next leg of our trip. We will leave on Tuesday morning and head straight to Gran Canaria, a trip of 290 nautical miles. Once we get into Las Palmas marina Beyzano will stay put until we nervously and excitedly leave on November 20th to make the 2700 mile trip across to St Lucia.

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