Quick Visit to the UK

Just back in Las Palmas after 5 days in the UK. 2 EasyJet flights and both were delayed, the latter for 3 hours. Plus 62 pounds excess baggage to pay for (which was my fault for buying too many M&S tins). Great!

Thanks to Steve, Kym and Sue for the bed for the night and Kym for a lovely meal 🙂

Lower Town Harbour at Low Tide

It was lovely to be in Fishguard again, despite it being a day trip from Newbury but I just didn’t have enough time to stay longer. Always good to be ‘home’ though and it has barely changed in the 49 years I’ve been going there! I scattered my mum’s ashes on the bridge where she first saw dad, which is a stone’s throw from the house she was born in and the sun shone as she finally came home.

Abergwaun - Lower Town Fishguard

This time when I left my dad I knew I wouldn’t be back for a long time and will also cross the Atlantic in the meanwhile, so there were a few tears. I know he will track us on the web and I will be careful dad!

The taxi to and from the airport was 32 euros and took about 20 minutes. We have another 6 trips to the airport so are getting a hire car on Monday when we meet Steve and keep it until James arrives on the 17th, so we can explore the beaches and lakes to the west of Gran Canaria.

It is still hot and sunny, currently sitting in shorts in the Sailor’s bar and keeping in the shade. Good for drying the sheets though. This week we are washing all the linen, cleaning every inch of the boat and trying to organise similar items into the same place. Always on boats you hear ‘its on the boat, somewhere’ and we are no exception, bar the safety gear of course. At the moment we can’t find our net hammocks which are supposed to hold the fruit, but with another 2 cabins to clean out yet, we hope to locate them soon.

Beyzano Still Snug in her Berth

Rob bought a few water containers, serviced the engine and ran the cable for the sat phone whilst I was away and socialised with Andrew and Maggie on ‘Jacana’ and Graham on ‘Arabella’. I need to buy a lobster pot I’ve seen in the chandlery but apart from that we are almost done with buying things for the boat – thankfully! The food is next but a company deliver all the drinks and the market stalls will deliver excellent non-chilled fruit and veg which lasts much longer than the refrigerated variety. Same for eggs. Some stalls vacuum pack the meat and the El Corte Ingles will freeze it too, so we have some shopping to do in the next 3 weeks. Then 3 weeks without spending anything.

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