Mountain Walk

View from Top of the Island

We finally made it up to the top of the hill overlooking the marina this morning and it was certainly worth the climb just for the view. Although still quite windy, the sky is still blue and the sea calm considering. It was a steep climb and none of it on a path, so we decided it was safer to walk down the road into town rather than skid down the dry, stony slopes back to the boat.

Half Way Up!

We could see Beyzano sitting happily in her berth, saw some little lizards, lots of cacti and endless arid landscape. In the distance was the airport, with ‘Porto Santo’ helpfully painted on the runway in large letters, presumably in case the pilots are unsure as to where they are!

Just inside the Inner Mole is Beyzano!

The old windmills were not in use but modern blade air turbines were whizzing away in the wind.

Palms and Windmills

Seeing the unusual fauna and flora on the island, it is sinking in that we have now moved away from our old lives and are beginning to explore new ways of life. Taking our home with us everywhere is a great luxury, as she remains a familiar sanctuary wherever we are.

Cactus in Flower

It has been very windy the last two days and we are glad we are not at sea. One boat came in and got blown sideways when trying to berth on the tiny pontoon opposite as they couldn’t tie their stern on in time and they ended up doing a 180 degree spin and being placed in a gap only just wide enough at the end of the aisle. They are now pinned onto the pontoon so will have to stay there until the wind dies down.

The anchorage inside the harbour is now quite busy but outside the breakwater there is a lot of space along the beach and close to the marina it looked quite calm earlier.

We are Skyping with a couple of the ‘children’ and my niece later on, then getting Beyzano decked out with her solar lights and 2 new solar hanging lanterns we bought in a garden centre in Cirencester last month. They kick out a lot of light and as sunshine has been in unlimited supply lately, it is easy and free and we can use them at anchor too.

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