Las Palmas

Las Palmas Marina

Over the past few days we have explored the town centre, found a couple of good supermarkets which between them stock virtually everything we need. The cost of some items is very high though, for example a small tin of Quality Street chocolates is over 40 euros, about an eight fold increase on the UK price. Just in case anyone coming here wanted some for Christmas in the Caribbean!

The marina does an amazing job fitting in the 240 ARC boats and more are arriving every day. We estimate there are about 40 here now with many being empty whilst their crew take a quick trip home before the ARC programme starts on November 4th. The chandleries are quiet so we have been buying courtesy flags and a few small items we need before the bedlam begins.

Tonight I fly back to Gatwick to spend a few days with my dad and to scatter my mum’s ashes in Oxfordshire and Wales. On Monday I return here and we have a week until our first guest arrives. We have a few tasks to do, mostly emptying out lockers and checking on supplies, making lists of where everything is so the crew can refer to them and generally cleaning the boat in preparation for the 3 week crossing. Once the crew arrive we can start the safety briefings and go through all the boat’s systems with them, check the cruising chute and spinnaker lines and pole and get ready for some serious sailing.

We have been impressed with all the equipment on board as it hasn’t let us down and hope it continues! There isn’t anything major to do and by cooking casseroles to freeze and getting everything organised and clean, we hope the 5 of us will have a relaxing and enjoyable ARC.

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2 Responses to Las Palmas

  1. Jo van Beek says:

    will Eddie be visiting you this week?
    I think he is on the Canaries.
    Take care,

  2. Rhian says:

    Sadly we can’t meet up as I am back in the UK and Rob can’t sail the boat to Tenerife on his own. Have to organise a big Belron get together in St Lucia next year instead!

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