Time to Return to Povoa

I am having a weekend in London staying with my eldest son, Elliott and his girlfriend Claudia, before returning to Gatwick and on to Porto on Wednesday. Am really looking forward to seeing Rob and Beyzano again!

Sadly, my old family home is now empty, save for a mattress on the floor and an armchair in the lounge. I feel like a squatter ๐Ÿ™ My dad can now use the internet so will be able to track our adventures and hopefully this will give him some interest over the coming months. I know there will be lots of tears when I leave my parents – it has been the most awful, and at the same time, the most amazing year but would have been much better without the sad part.

Whilst sorting out the house I found old cards which Rob and I had sent one another. Most had pictures of sailing boats on them and our words inside were invariably along the lines of ‘Dreaming Again!’ and this was some 17 years ago. Now we are no longer dreaming ๐Ÿ™‚

Rob seems to have been socialising or shopping on a daily basis but still completing one task a day and another 2 ARC boats arrived on Thursday, so he has plenty to keep him occupied. He had the outboard in pieces yesterday, so was wondering if it would work again!

We are still receiving emails from prospective crew but having met Paul on Monday and Skyped with Jamie on Wednesday, our 2 spaces are now taken and I have updated our post on the ARC site. Both are very experienced and Jamie wants to use the sextant for his Oceanmaster certificate whilst Paul and I are both 50 in March and wanted to cross the Atlantic before we reach that milestone.

All 5 of us are looking for a relaxed, enjoyable but safe trip with some fun along the way. Just over 2 months before the ARC programme kicks off in Las Palmas – really close now but still hundreds of miles to complete to get to the Canary Islands.

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