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We received sad but not unexpected news from my dad last night. My mother really left us in the spring due to illness and never returned home again but she passed away peacefully on Friday evening just 4 days before her birthday, so we will be returning to the UK. Whether this will be from Lisbon, Madeira or one of the Canary Islands depends on the weather and funeral arrangements.

Due to this we moved into the marina this morning and were pleasantly surprised by the cost of 54 euros despite it being high season still. The berth was quite small though as in the pilot book it says boats of our size use the larger basin but we squeezed in with help from ‘Ellisa’ who were also previously berthed in Haslar Marina and doing the ARC. The reception pontoon under the marina office is huge, with the fuel pontoon adjacent, so we filled up whilst there to save time later and allow us to leave early or late if necessary. The pumps are self-service diesel and unleaded and you just pay at the shop nearby, cash or card. You need electronic cards to access the pontoons and showers, requiring a 25 euro deposit each.

There is Wi-Fi but it is quite slow and Rob has found several bars on site and we will test their connection over lunch. Blisteringly hot too and have decided to visit Lisbon tomorrow as early as possible to avoid the heat. The weather isn’t great to leave until Tuesday and last night was really windy with gusts over 35 knots in the anchorage. Stayed put with the spade though, thankfully.

Meanwhile we are in touch with dad in case there is anything we can do but having only just returned from 3 weeks in Surrey clearing their house, he is keen we move the boat on and says there is little we can do at the moment. It is hard being away though at a time like this, no matter what.

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  1. Gwyneth JONES says:

    Dear Rhian, So sorry to see your post with the sad news this morning and please give my condolences to your father as I don’t know how to contact him now that he has moved. It is a sad time for you but full of wonderful memories of happy times together. I did send a 60th Anniversary card which I hope arrived. I leave tomorrow, Sunday on a Cruise to America and Canada and return 12th October. I will try to contact Olwen before I leave. On a happier note your trip sounds wonderful and you are obviously enjoying every minute. Much love, Gwyneth, Rossett.

  2. Helen and William says:

    Rhian, Sorry to hear your news. If we can help you in any way let us know. It was fabulous to meet you both in Varzim

  3. Sue says:

    Hi Rhian,

    I heard the news today about your Mum, I am so sorry but I’m sure she was very proud of you finally getting to live your dream.

    It sounds like you guys are having such a fab time, meeting and making new friends as you make your way on your travels. I’ve been reading your log, it’s makes for some great and interesting reading. I think if you keep it up it would be lovely to have it printed and bound as a memento when you return.

    Keep well and look after yourselves.

    Love Sue xx

  4. Penny and Brian Mills says:

    Hi Rhian and Rob – so sorry to read your sad news..we’re thinking of you, and are sure you will have many happy memories to take round the world with you. We will be in the BVIs 20th Jan for 2 weeks and hope to see you if you are around. With Love Penny and Brian

  5. Jo van Beek says:

    Dear Rob and Rhian,
    The whole team from Waalre sends you their condolences and wishes you all the strength that you need. It must not be easy to be far away and hear this news.
    Take care,

  6. Jo Fraser says:

    Sorry to hear about your mum. Never easy even when you know it is coming. Cascais is fabulous and we really enjoyed Lisbon. Jo and Liz

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