The past couple of nights we have spent in Cascais marina, which is quite a trendy place! Lots of cool restaurants and bars with uncool prices to match but it was Rob’s birthday and no expense is spared for that.

Cascais 'Castle'

The town is lovely, full of tourists still but the temperature today was 30 degrees so the beaches and bars were busy. There are lots of shops, even a McDonalds, Pizza Hut and Irish Bar – they get everywhere.

House in Main Street

We walked past the fisherman’s quay, filled with thousands of lobster pots. You wouldn’t have thought they had any left to put out given the numbers we saw bobbing up and down as we were sailing in!

Propellor Catching Lobster Pots

The marina showers were a bit of a let down, given the charges here. Firstly there are no hooks in the capacious shower cubicles, so you need to leave the shower soaking wet and walk across the room to the changing area. Problem three is that the coloured floor over that side is like sheet ice when your feet are wet, so much skating and swearing was the result of that in the men’s block. Fortunately I was warned. There are no shelves or racks in the showers either, so you have to put all your shampoo, shower gels etc on the floor. Can’t have properly user tested this bathroom design!

It has been incredibly windy the last two nights with the boat pinned against the pontoon. Good result is that the lines and fenders can’t move so there isn’t any squeaking. Today the wind died down and a few boats left heading south but we have to leave Beyzy here until the end of the month as we need to return to the UK urgently to help my dad with funeral arrangements and legalities. In the end we were unable to get time to sail on to Madeira but we still have 3 weeks before we intended being in Las Palmas and it is still 2 months until the start of the ARC.

Skipper’s Bar has already become a favourite with fast Wi-Fi and great food. The prawns in garlic were delicious, so we will head there tonight no doubt to celebrate Rob’s advancing years. Bless him!

Monochrome Brit Abroad!

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  1. Jo Fraser says:

    Happy birthday Rob! X

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