Visit to Porto

Today we visited Porto, getting the new Metro from Povoa to the city centre. The express service took about 40 minutes and cost us 11 euros return for the two of us. It also goes to the airport and is air-conditioned.

Porto City Centre

We walked to the river through narrow streets and over one of many very high bridges, the one that Mr Eiffel built. The view over the city is spectacular, with the old buildings crammed in on both sides of the steep hills which rise from the Douro River.

View Across Rooftops to Porto

Had a couple of free glasses of port in Taylor’s visitor’s centre and saw the impressive buildings of at least another dozen port producers we recognized the names of. The exhibition in the Sandeman’s building focussed on their use of marketing over the decades, as the company was an early user of advertising which was frowned upon at the time.

Old Port Barges

Porto is a vibrant city with a strong tourist trade. We saw several tourism offices, open top sight-seeing buses, river tours and lots of restaurants, galleries and museums.

Narrow Streets - Ideal for Rolling the Port Barrels Down

We headed back north on the Metro and had a look at Povoa which is a busy holiday resort with a nice old quarter and a beach.

Although the day started in bright sunshine, a mist formed later on which turned the air quite cold and by the time we returned to the marina the fog sirens were sounding every minute. Rob will be sleeping with the ear plugs in tonight!

We have now booked Beyzano in to stay here for a month at the amazingly low price of just 112 euros. As we have paid up to 46 euros for one night, this was a bargain not to be missed and we decided to leave her here rather than in the Canary Islands just because of the price. So I should be back in the UK mid next week and will spend about 3 weeks sorting out my parents’ house for them. It will be sad to go back for many reasons and by the time I return we will need to get moving south at a faster pace, to ensure we leave mainland Europe by the end of September.

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