Separate Lives Again!

Local Town - Oxted

A week has gone by since I arrived back in the UK and I have been spending every day in my old family home sadly clearing it. We moved here when I was 7 so it is full of memories. My little niece has been helping me and we both now have boxes of old photographs with newly written names and dates on the back for future generations. At times like this you realise how quickly family information can be lost if there is nobody left who can recognize the people and events. I found my grandfather’s naval service record and medals and some very old books which will be stored away at a friend’s house. Also a list my mother wrote for my dad just before they got married 60 years ago, entitled ‘David’s List’, with ‘order ring’ etc on it. Now I know where I got my love of making lists from!

Leafy Surrey - Famiy Home since 1969

On a lighter note, I am spending the next few days in Gosport visiting friends before returning here to finish the house and then staying in London before going back to Porto. I have made good use of being back, buying equipment for Beyzano, which friends are kindly taking on their boat for us, as they shortly depart for the Canaries and I have a few things to pick up from YouBoat to carry back as Rob needs them now. Just have to be careful I don’t overdo the 20kg baggage limit as he also wants as many Toblerones as I can carry.

I have chatted to a couple of prospective crew who want to join us for the ARC and they both sounded really nice with a similar approach to sailing as us. I should be meeting one of them in London before I leave to confirm arrangements and am hoping we have now filled our 2 crew spaces. We had a great response to our post with a variety of ages and experience levels but are looking for experienced sailors this time.

Rob has been enjoying being part of the liveaboard community in Povoa and every day seems to have been at one social event or another! If I don’t get back soon I can see him wanting to stay there for the year. There is a free shuttle bus to the hypermarket from the marina on Wednesdays but you need to book a place the Sunday before, so he will go next week and stock up for our sail south. I have given Las Palmas marina our ETA of 15 October as we may still sail to Madeira first.

Rob has been re-painting the anchor chain, servicing the electric winch and generally maintaining the boat so we will be ready again for the next leg.

It is raining here today and silly me only brought Fit-Flops back!

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2 Responses to Separate Lives Again!

  1. Jo Fraser says:

    Sorry to hear your sad news but hope you can get everything sorted in time. Looking forward to meeting up with you in Nov. Liz and Jo

  2. Rhian Marshall says:

    Will be great to see you both again!

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